1. eand28

    Weld Racings Wheels

    Since gmfs is a dumpster fire since the update figured I might as well move that thread over to this site
  2. B

    For Sale: NBS parts, etc

    NBS Mirror Caps -- SOLD NBS Rancho Shocks -- SOLD NBS "Green" Keys-- SOLD 5.5" Lift Blocks -- SOLD Weld Racing Center Caps-- Weld Racing 8 lug open center caps. When I bought my Welds they came with (6) caps.... (4) closed, (2) open. No use for the open ones. They're nice, just...
  3. WildChevys

    2017 Chevy Silverado LTZ Z71 6.2 build thread

    Soooo, I ordered the truck Sept 29th and it was delivered to the dealer on Nov 6th. I took deliver on the 12th. My 13 was a great truck to which I had no complaints, however it was also my 3rd nnbs and I needed a change. Plans are as follows: 4.5" Zone with 3" rear block and 1.5" bora's...
  4. 88GMCtruck

    88GMCtruck's never ending 88 GMC build thread

    Here we go yet again! For those of you who follow my 98 dually thread or have seen elsewhere TLDR to the end. For those who are in the dark, I also have an 88 GMC K1500. We'll start with it's history. Grandparents bought the truck in 1988 brand new. It's a regular stepside K1500 350/700R4 truck...
  5. R

    Rhoush 2006 z71 victory red ecssb!

    Well I never really post here just read a lot but decided to post one of my trucks here it is started out like this 2006 ecssb with 18x10 weld dunes on 285/60 nittos [/URL][/IMG] Things I have done: Color match Tint Leveled out Escapade handles Cleared oem lights Fully buffed and...
  6. R

    another header question

    im leaning towards doing longtubes this winter on my NNBS 4x4. whats everyone recommend for sub $400 headers. i live in iowa so im thinking that may take a toll on them with the nasty shit they put on the roads in the winter. right now only mods i have is Airaid MIT tube with drop in K&N and a...
  7. Tiki

    Tiki's truck thread

    Mmm, so I bought my Dads 2011 Sierra off him. Needed a crew cab with the growing family and excited to jump on the opportunity to have a one owner 6.2 SLT. Past GM vehicles: 90 RCSB, 95 Tahoe, 98 RCSB, 04 ECSB Current GM vehicles: 07 Tahoe, 11 CCSB Planned modifications: Debadge - Done...
  8. JennaBear

    Black Bear Performance Whippled 2015 Chevy SS

    Since some folks might be interested in what the LS3s are performance at. Finally decided to go with the Whipple for the Chevy SS. So off to the shop she goes: On the Mainline hub dyno for stock vs AirAid vs Whipple numbers: - - - - - - - - - -auto merged double post- - - - - - - - -...
  9. Col 10

    For Sale: Weld chyenne 6's

    :feeler: 20x10 weld chyennes 6x5.5 with 285/50 cooper zeon ltz's. Tires have about 65-70% tread left and come with sensors. Wheels do have some blemishes and need to be polished. At this time I don't want to ship and prefer a local sale. I'm located in Houston Tx. Asking $1700. Will update with...
  10. Fairclough

    Played out Escalade conversion 01Silverado

    01 Silverado lowered on 22"x9" stock Escalade fronts and replica 24"x10" rears, I know the Escalade thing is played out, but this is going to be my daily, and I want luxury! Still have to install my ART coilover setup in front, and my Nfamus 3 link converted to coilovers in the rear. I also...
  11. J

    2006 Silverado VMax

    I really do not want to sell this truck, but I have no room at my house nor time for this truck. I bought this truck from Zero (Will Andes) back in 2011 and only added longtubes to it. Currently the longtubes (with no cats) are installed, but I'm planning on swapping back to stock exhaust...
  12. GR$$N$

    17x10 welds

    8x6.5 17x10 weld racing wheels. great condition. i have 5. the spare is more of a 0 offset and also has some pitting. the other 4 are in great condition. will polish and get better pics. located in southern california. asking 750obo Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Cleanoh4

    Exhaust set up suggestions

    Like the title says, looking for suggestions. Cat back, S/I S/O, going to dump it right over the axle. Don't really want a redneck rasp, but a little drone is OK. Iirc factory piping is 2.5"
  14. A

    For sale: 99-06 Steel Roll Pan Silverado Sierra

    Modshop customs hand made in the USA roll pan. Weld in style. Fits great. Quality welds $OLD
  15. F

    Raised tranny crossmember

    99-06 GM TRUCK RAISED TRANNY CROSS MEMBER - AVS Is there anybody on here that is running this one or one simular on their truck? I just want to know if it's worth my time.
  16. 88GMCtruck

    88GMCtruck's 98 Silverado Towpig Build: "Black Fox"

    88GMCtruck's 98 Silverado Towpig Build: "Black Fox" Since I recently joined and recognize some faces I haven't seen in years, figured I would post up some backstory of my Dually. After looking at duramax trucks and not wanting to spend as much, I decided to go a different route. Here...
  17. J

    JoshA's 2015 F150 Mild Build

    Well, I bought my first new truck and it ended up being a Ford this time. I wanted a diesel bad, but I just have no use for one. I really liked the Ecoboost engine and decided to go with the F150 and I have to say they are pretty damn awesome. I also have a 2015 GMC Sierra SLE work...
  18. Tukn4s

    24x14 American Force Shields 6x5.5 37x13.50 Toyo M/T's

    selling my Forces $5500 OBO with tires. possibly trade for 22x10 welds or forces with 33x12.50 Paducah, KY
  19. Slow05CC

    NBS Crew Cab going 4/6 I have a few questions

    I have a 05 Silvy Crew! Right now I am riding on stock suspension with shackles out back on 285/50/20 toyo proxes ( which by the way are the worst tires I have ever bought. ) and 20" Centerline wheels. We have figured out the wheels "should" tuck, if not I will use my Texas Editions that are...
  20. Tukn4s

    NNBS truck Demod Sale Thread

    everything sold