1. WildChevys

    '13 Zone lifted Silverado. clears in, cleaned up, and pics taken

    I FINALLY got my clears delivered and installed them, and was able to get her cleaned up to take some pics. I'm very happy with how the truck sits now. If I decide to keep longer than 2-3 more years I'd like to raise it up another inch, put on 305s and 20x10 Novakanes, but that's all just me...
  2. Alex

    WTT 20x8.5" weld cheyennes and 35" toyo m/t

    Thinking about trading my 20x8.5 welds and 35" toyos. This is mostly a feeler to see what's out there. The welds are in great condition and are in storage now. and the tires have 90%+ with only 10k miles on them. Mainly only interested in 20x10s and 33" toyos with close to same tread. Must be...
  3. welsh907

    Dat new job

    Needed something to pick up some of my extra time, so got hired on at a local chassis shop here in anchorage. Some pics of some of the stuff were working on.
  4. Alex

    Alex's small build thread

    Hey guys, as you all may know I'm Alex lol. Been around a while but just recently decided to start a build thread. I'm not gonna post before pics because y'all know what a stock truck looks like but here is a list of mods. 2007 gmc sierra slt victory red MODS: 35" toyo m/t on 20x8.5 weld...
  5. slow4.7on20s

    daily shit box thread

    heres my slow build thread for my nnbs and other junk I get along the way heres my old daily Sold that and started with this nnbs here it is with nothing done with 10 miles on it Then I tinted the windows and threw some gmc wheels and 31 atz's on it Then I stuck my old 33 iroks and...
  6. F

    Slow RCSB bagged build

    Sup guys, after seeing wickeds bag build I got the bug...again. Had a couple of bagged s10s back in the day when I had no fab skills, now I'm a welder and have way more flexibility now with this build. This is my daily but I do have a weekend cruiser if I need to leave the truck down for a day...
  7. Dropem

    My 01 silverado build thread.

    Well I have heard of this sight for quite some time now so i figured I would finally join. HAHA I figured i would make a introduction/build thread to show you guys what I'm working with. For the rear setup i went with a KP components 6 link and there watts link with slam SS8 bags, The front...
  8. Bagged_Sierra

    Rock Stars 2 - rrimzoneonline

    Have any of you guys seen rimsoneonline putting the pics of the new RS2's. I actually never liked the Rockstars but I find myself kinda liking this version of the wheel. whats everyones else opinion on them? the inserts can be painted any color and reversed if need.
  9. S

    Wanted: Honda Civic

    post removed
  10. Budrun

    Straight axle Build

    Well I finally decided to build a straight axle kit for the GMC. Im using a 94 Dodge 1500 Dana 44 axle, with 01 knuckles and balljoints. The link bars have 1 1/4 heims, the steering bars have 7/8 heims with 5/8 misalignments. WFO pitman arm, Fox 2.0 coilovers 12 inch travel with Universal Air...
  11. B

    2009 gmc

    2009 GMC Sierra 1500 6inch procomp lift (white and chrome) 16.5 14 weld scorpios wrapped in 33 15.5-16.5 tsl sx's 2inch spacers all around More on my Instagram @bigmikesilveira
  12. Tylers88

    Took some pics of the 04

    Sorry guys, all the carwashes are closed so I cant power wash the plastidip off the wheels or even wash the truck in town but onto the pics. Thought the tread imprint was kind of cool
  13. R

    TSP headers or dougs?

    Any of you guys used either brand looking to pull the trigger soon for my ss.
  14. jayballz

    Jayballz (Bohall) bag build @ The Dropzone.

    So. I figured I'd make a build thread. Here it is. Your welcome. Always support the back end when cutting a frame. Here I welded a steel bar on each side to support the frame while notching. If recently notched, and it's welded in like mine, prepare for a headache. And here is the...
  15. CUB

    Workin and Twerkin

    Some shit we do at my work We powdered the bars and dipped the hood and re-did the sticker 09 Escalade this kid brought in for us to "murder out" :okay2: BEFORE: We hydrodipped all the burlwood to black burlwood...i think it came out pretty sick His powdercoated calipers Hard...
  16. JennaBear

    2013 Silverado LTZ

    As of this morning, here she stands: [/IMG] Ordered her over a month ago, and picked her up last week. Already got LineX'd, and a BakFlip F1. Just about done with the 87 in the gas tank and the mods shall begin!
  17. No1Limit

    My new build - Need help with ideas 2001 GMC Sierra 1500

    2001 GMC Sierra 1500 RCLB Build Hey guys TRUCK - 4.8 4x4 rclb 136k then Then then Now Done - 6in RCX lift - 18x10 Raceline Renegade 6 - polished - 33x12.50x18 Atturo Trail Blade M/Ts - Cleared headlights and bumpers - Remove stickers/ ls badge - Muffler - Dynomax ultraflo ss - Some...
  18. J

    New member

    Hello, new guy here from Michigan. Im currently building myself a 06 crew cab as well. Great site, btw.
  19. Jared

    Let's see your notches

    Post what you have MCG bolt in (and welded) anyone else have an issue with that oval hole?
  20. D1nman

    Black chrome or machined?

    Looking at new wheels. They will be 20x10's on my 295/55 trails. See sig pic. I want to get away from black kind of, but not sure how it'd look with everything else on the truck black/white? Been looking at 20x10 machined methods and of course looking for 20x10 welds. What y'all think?