1. Jake747

    Here for the gang bang

    Pretty much stock TBSS
  2. slim

    New from MN

    Hey, someone by the name of temoney told me to check out this site so here I am. I'm on other forums also, so you might recognize the truck.
  3. WildChevys

    another wheel dilemma

    I've run into another fucking wheel dilemma and I need some input. All of my Gear 737v's are peeling VERY badly including the one I just had replaced. I've finally accepted the fact you just cant run any type of mirrored finish wheel year around in the northeast. I'm going to warranty the Gears...
  4. stanced stepside01

    lifted stepside Z

    This is the build thread of my truck this is when it was completely stock Then detrimmed/detrimmed her and put a billet grille in wasn't high enough so put on a 6-7.5 superlift kit with the dual shocks and she got a fresh detail also got some cheap ebay lights that tarnished away...
  5. E

    From OBS RCSB to NBS Crew Cab

    So.... Many of you know my old truck. Cfloyd and I traded a while back. Anyway... I'll pic dump to get you up to speed. Here's how I got it Escalade handles Raised bumper, color matched emblem Denali lights Interior Escalade handles EDC, hydroboost Air gauge Front bagged...
  6. Jared

    15x10 rally?

    anyone know of a 15x10 6 lug wheel? Neighbor wants some for his K10. The 15x8 are too narrow for what he wants, and he wants to stick with a 15". He's wanting something that's pretty much like the stock rally wheel. I found some on ebay, but not sure they will work. Or should he just have...
  7. Slow05CC

    Best way to get a rear 5" drop on a CC with welded hangers

    I have a 2005 Crew cab and it currently has a gansta drop ( cut springs, shackles and center leaf removed ) that sits about 2/4ish. I want to add the the leaf back and possibly get a flip kit. I want to use a mcgaughys or belltech kit but they only offer a 4" or 6" drop with their flip kits...
  8. GR$$N$

    2500 suspension

    so anyone looking for mid travel we have a few kits laying around for 2000-2010 2500s. it consists of uca's,lcas,spindles,shock towers, axles with lifetime warranty,bypass shocks,coilovers with springs and heavy duty steering. retail is 9300 but i can get you hooked up since this forum. we were...
  9. Jared

    HP Tuners Vs. EFI Live

    Well, finding a tuner can be a bitch sometimes, and while I like my BBP on my stock truck, I want to be able to have really good results on my cammed car right away, little to no down time! The two really good LS tuners in Dallas are A. expensive and B. hard to get ahold of. I'm afraid to do the...
  10. James Pate

    Mr. Pate's 2013 Ruckus

    Picked up a 2013 Ruckus today. Has around 1600 miles Mods Lower seat frame Mojo adjustanle stretch Handle bars Black gas cover Led brake lights License plate holder Extended cables Shortened stock forks Future Mods New paint scheme white/teal New rims gy6 swap Exhaust Maybe air ride for the...
  11. DemoN

    new wheels; not installed

    Sat afternoon i met up with my friend to get the centerline 20x8.5s from him. the wheels were sitting around for a couple of years and really needed some TLC. nice brushed finish? Hmmm...i got the buffer and my polish after one of the spokes...clearly not a brushed finish.. look how black...
  12. C

    Brand new american forces trade for welds!

    I know this is a long shot but its worth a try. I have a brand new set of 22x14 American Force Rebel SS8 8x6.5 Still in the box. I want to trade for 22x12 Weld Cheyenne 8s 8x6.5 with the flat lip. That wheel and that wheel only. If anybody knows anyone out there with a set let them know...
  13. S

    rear bag setup on the low

    So we have been working on the ride and wanted to get it lower in the back. Currently its sitting 8" in front and 13" in the back, here is the setup. How can we bag it on the low or should we just remove the blocks and drop it?
  14. F

    Raising bed floor

    Sup guys, finally started work on the back of my truck!!! So my plan is to raise the bed floor 3" so there will be no holes in the bed. Before anyone says go more, I never plan on ever doing a bd on this truck or going larger than 22s. Plus I already have 3" body lift spacers which will work...
  15. P

    For Sale: 17" Weld Racing Wheels w/ BF Goodrich KO All Terrain T/A 315/70r17

  16. A

    Add on remote starter

    Hey guys, I've been looking at getting remote start for quite some time now, but never wanted to get a cheesy alarm system. Unlike most, I actually like my factory remotes and they have a good range compared to most oem systems. I've been looking at an avital add-on remote start system...
  17. DeanH1290

    Dean's '11 Crew Cab Budget Build

    Hey guys, I'm fairly new to the forum here, but a long time GM fan. Started off with a '04 sierra, but moved up to my '11 crew cab over the holidays. Now on to the Build. This will be a very slow process for the time being, as I have no truck fund and don't have much extra to put towards mods...
  18. W

    For Sale: 1978 C10 5.3L swap project

    Back up for sale! Truck is a 1978 Chevrolet c10 silverado. Truck is very solid with a decent (red) interior. Light surface rust on hood/roof/bedrails (has great patina) Have a 2002 5.3L to drop in. LS1 car oilpan/tray/dipstick, Dirty dingo conversion mounts, Fbody long tubes, reworked...
  19. J

    My 06 VMax

    Well realized I didn't have a thread on here. 2006 Chevy Silverado VortecMax -Airaid Jr -Cal Speed Longtubes (POS, removing soon) with no cats -Bullet into a Magnaflow round muffler (can't recall length) -HD2 Shift Kit -Shaved Tailgate -Colormatched plastics and headlights -Escalade...
  20. A

    Looking for some Welds!

    I'm looking for some Weld Cheyennes or weld Velocity wheels. I'm wanting 20x10s. And I can't seem to find anywhere online that sales them. Does anyone know if any websites sale them? I can't even find them on welds website. Did they get discontinued? So if anyone has a set or know where I can...