1. B

    Gave the ol' workpig a quick bath....

    Gave the ol' HD a quick wash last night and did a much needed cleaning on the interior.... I'm gonna give the Welds a complete polish/sealing once I get the 2 new PJs mounted up this weekend (hopefully). And I'll give the whole thing a good polishing and wax before winter. Its about time to...
  2. Bassmaster

    favorite NBS front end?

    i know most people like the looks of NBS's better, but im curious to see which front end ya's like more, Chevy? or GMC? both example trucks are fairly similar in looks and made each front end the best they can be. im in le market for new NBS, but not sure which style i love moree, so lets see...
  3. CUB

    CUB's 07 Silverado

    Might as well make a thread and keep track of everything...all my pics over the years are scattered throughout the Static NNBS thread on GMFS so... Its a 2007 Chevy Silverado LS- 4.3L V6- 4/7 McGaughys Drop on 275/45 machined Yukon 20's Completely colormatched, cleared heads, smoked tails etc...
  4. Budrun

    Rollin Old School

    My 03 on 16.5x12 Weld Scorpios and 33x12.50 Boggers
  5. Budrun

    03 Gmc build

    This is how my truck sits today. 9.5 Full throttle up front, Custom bagged rear 4 link that I built out back. She sits on 20x12 welds and 305 Trail grapplers. Hopefully I will have some updates soon.
  6. B


    Once again, time to change it up..... got another set of 37's on the HD.... this time around 37/12.50/16 Parnelli Jones Dirt Grips. I had read they were true to size, and they do seem to be pretty tall. Problem being they are discontinued now, so finding two to replace the rear two eventually...
  7. James

    For Sale: Corsa Performance Dual Tips

    Location: New Orleans Contact: Via PM Price:105 shipped Picked these up from a friend of mine. 3" inlet/4" dual outlet Corsa Tips/Stainless/Polished/Rolled Edge/Slant Cut ( NO PART NUMBER AVAILABLE) These have light scuffs on the top of the tips, but when installed...
  8. HackMcMaster

    Discussion: A different approach to DD in a 99-02

    this aint my info im just saving it here for you guys
  9. HackMcMaster

    A different approach to Double Din in a 99-02

    this aint my info im just saving it here for you guys
  10. S

    22" welds

    what the title states.
  11. SamCarroll

    Awesome ending to my day

    Just had a completely shitty day at work, went over to my parents house to vent and relax and went to leave, walked out to this. After i took the huge branch off my hood i assessed the damage. I was surprised no dents just extremely deep gouges and scratches in my...
  12. billnewl

    01 Sierra Build

    Current plans: 03+ Bumper, 03+ Grill, 03+ Silvy Taillights, 6k HIDs, 6 Hi-Mod, K&N Drop-in Filter, 10" Showoff, 35s on 20x14s or 22x14s Pulled the rusty hitch off. I realized the bracket for the trailer harness had broken off previously and was tack welded back on. I took it back off, ground...
  13. T

    top end engine noise - 04 tahoe 5.3

    started up the tahoe yesterday morning to go to the store, got a nasty rythmic tapping sound coming from the top end, kinda like it was low on oil, a couple months ago I had the same problem, but at that time it had consumed 2 qts of oil, topped it back off, sound went away, never came back...
  14. Huck

    4x4 Cal Speed Header install soon

    Last week I ordered some good shit and it's started coming in so I couldn't wait to share lol: Cal Speed 1 3/4" headers and 3" ORY 3" SS summit band clamps 3" ball flange 3" summit cutout (gonna just be a blockoff plate for now, gotta let the account recover a bit before I get the electric...
  15. B

    NBS Flip kit WITH Helpers

    Hello "gang" On a nbs 2wd with a 6" flip kit, belltech specifically, can i bolt on the air lift slam air series load bags with no issues? Ive done lots of air lfit kits, but never on something with a c-notch....does the bracket line up okay? any pics would be stellar
  16. GreystoneCC

    dat crew cab thread

    figured since there are a bunch of us in here with crew cabs might as well make a thread for it. So everyone post pics of your CC's. heres a couple pics of my truck this was a pic of the day i bought it. right after putting better wheels and nitto tires on it hardcore mudding bro...
  17. Bassmaster

    Anyone familier with Aero Turbine mufflers?

    I'm really liking the sound if these more and more. Especially after the video Scarber (roughly remember his name lol) posted of it on his nnbs rcsb. But these are my top choice as of now, followed by spintech prostreet 6000 or borla xr-1. just got some nub questions since Google didn't help a...
  18. Keeler

    '65 Chevy shortbed 4x4 project.

    This is what I started out with: No engine, modified factory frame to accommodate for the front axle and leaf springs all the way around, fresh 700R4, NP203 transfer case, and some rust. After looking at the frame I decided I didn't want to use it. Someone did a piss poor job of putting...
  19. techsan40

    Options for my Welds

    I have some pretty bad pitting on a couple of my wheels and also a chip from curb rape from previous owners neglect. I was needing some opinions on what to do. Should i sandblast and PC them? If so what color would you go with? I thought a gun metal or comp grey would look good with my truck...
  20. Ricardo

    4.8L Performance?

    Okayy I tried of the little Hondas wanting to race me when they know my truck is pretty slow so I'm wanting to do some performance mod what all can I get to boost it up a little I want to at least be able to catch up too them or somethin. All I have on right know is k&n, tbs, air sensor, transgo...