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  • Think you could fit 35s for the time bein lol? 713-503-6445. Give me a shout one of these days and we'll see what's up
    Touché lol I can't handle the "I'm bout to tump over look" lol, most trucks round here look just like that too. I'm down! Wouldn't mind seein them rims on my truck to see if I like them or it or not lol
    Don't see to many lifted stepsides lol especially with tows. Ain't that wide is it? I want more wide lol. Didn't think it was wide enough that's why I want x10 with -25 offset. And I prolly didn't hear you cause I was jammin. Testin out the new subs
    Ohh ok lol. Just to switch it up I get it. And really? Did the truck have a dent in the bottom of the tailgate lol?
    Yup sure will be. But they've got some pittin and a few dings from rocks when muddin lol. All just depends on if I regear now or a lil later down the road
    Well I was thinkin bout it lol. But leavin it on dirty fives and doin gears. Lookin at switching my rims up to some x10 and when the mud graps wear out doin 35" mtz
    I may drop it down some on 305/55/20s and If I do then i'll colormatch em. Just a decision on what to do next lol.
    thought about it, but these damn tires throw rocks and mud and what not all over the mirrors now. I don't wanna colormatch em if they're gonna get chipped lol.
    Damn, I wouldn't fit in the garage at that height but it would be worth it. What parts did you use in the front?
    Hey man, what are your fender measurements? I like the stance of your truck a lot.
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