1. G

    06 GMC Build - I guess????

    I guess Im going to make a build thread for the purple truck. Actually going to be doing some small things to it the next couple of months. To bring you up to speed, heres whats all done to the truck K&N Drop in with Airaid MIT Dynatech Splitflow with Corsa Tip OEM Denalis with Morimoto MH1...
  2. TheBrettster

    Important!: Asshatery Time For An End

    Look, When Jared and I created this site we basically agreed to not have rules. But it seems every post some people like to make it into a fuck fest which ends up getting new members to bounce out. This shit has got to stop. I'm not going into huge details about what exactly but its common...
  3. SilverChevyZ71

    Ideas for the rear of my truck

    Already demolded de badged. want to make it look more custom. thinking aftermarket tail lights like these: Yes? No? I like the third one.
  4. AllBlkdOut07

    Joined, finally

    What's up boys and girls. Good to be here.
  5. M

    New Rims, Colorchage, and Bodydrop it

    I have a friend in my club that is looking into bagging his dually and has contemplated doing a front end swap. I have found his dually with the front end he is wanting already on the internet, but I'm seeing if anyone can help me swap rims and color change before he orders a rendering to have...
  6. Hunter

    Hunter's 2SS

    Well guys havent been on here in forever due to the new job and spending countless hours at work. But I traded my truck in and got into a 2ss camaro with a lot in store for her. Here is a pic and i will list somethings on the way. Can't load picture from work computer but will when i get home...
  7. A

    2006 Silverado popping noise

    So ive been having this problem for a couple years already. When I make turns, especially when going up driveways or entrances to shopping malls and stuff, I hear a pooping noise coming from the left wheel area. Ive replaced the tie rods thinking that was the problem and the noise went away for...
  8. GingerCrew

    Important!: Cruise control issue

    On my way home from work yesterday and cruise worked fine, on my way to work this morning and nothing, first thing comes to mind is check the fuse. Pulled the fuse box lid but I can figure out which one is for the cruise. Any help here?
  9. I

    newb with boosted silverado ss

    new to them form, buddy referred me, heres my truck . currently doing a custom turbo kit (s480 , billet wheel,5" dp) should be done by the end of the month...
  10. C

    New from West Monroe, LA

    Hey i'm new from West Monroe, D1nman got me on the forum. I will be at the shreveport meet. Past truck was a 96 2-door sport tahoe. My new one i've had for about a year is a 2003 z71 Tahoe. 4" suspension 3" body 35/12.5/22 trails. 5.3. Some hydrodipping inside. I have an HD hood...
  11. QuicksilverZ71

    For Sale: Bonspeed Palisade Wheels like new 20"

    Bonspeed Palisade wheels in perfect shape. Wheels recently polished professionally and do not have tires on them. Boxed and ready to ship. 5x5 bolt pattern 20x12 rear wheels with a 5" Backspacing. Front wheels are 20x8.5" with a 5.5" backspacing. Price is 2200.00 plus shipping. Wheels have...
  12. CHAGO

    2013 Sierra vs 2014 Sierra

  13. CHAGO

    Mom's reaction to the 900hp 3Dx Evo!

    Mom is a baus... lol Part 2 is of her driving which is supposed to be uploaded tonight..
  14. Hunter

    Hunters Front Mount Turbo Build

    Specs on turbo: CXRacing,compressor wheel 91/61mm, turbine wheel 74.7/62mm, .70 A/R compressor housing and .81 A/R turbine housing. T4 mount with 3in vband clamp Purchased KB Aluminized Mild steel crossoverPurchased KB Aluminized mild steel down pipePurchased KB Mild steel T4 manifold Purchased...
  15. No1Limit

    Recent weekend upta camp

    A few friends and I went camp this weekend to do some mudding/backroad exploring in:b4 redneck fgt The three trucks that went Some water falls and this is me, i was so close! we had to use a jack to lift the rear end, put rocks in the holes... it was so sloppy there Roommate Not the best...
  16. cordude64

    diamond bird trick

    Hey guys I was just reading some stuff about throttle response for my Ford 5.4 and there are a lot of guys out there saying they did this little trick and it gave them great results. Been used on Fords GMs Dodges even bikes and stuff so I thought I'd post it here and see what y'all thought or...
  17. K


    Figure i should re introduce myself since i vanished from the site soon after joining. Been busy working and doing some changes to the truck, havent had much spare time to get on the forum till a good friend of mine CHAGO forced me to get back online lol... Glad to be back to CGM :) [/IMG]...
  18. D

    Yeah you check out my avy!!!!!

    Hey I’m from Gulfport Mississippi and this is Bruce my avy z71. Not many major things done to him yet just a few paint things here and there a little interior changes which will get those pics up one day. It is leveled no chrome other than the rims thank god, spectra cold air intake, all leds...
  19. K

    Important!: Back in a thread....

    :happy107: So I got rid of my denali, and got a 7.3, it was a good truck, stout, pretty powerful, but had 182K miles, entire body was rotted out, and with me being as OCD as I am I needed a clean slate, I have a 2005 volvo S40 i DD so this truck will be for play/plow/tow rig. Details...
  20. notorious

    pickitapart V.1

    Haven't rendered any vehicles in a while, but my Dad wanted to see what one of his dream trucks would look like. It's not as clean/crisp as I usually do, but since it was a side project I didn't rebrush everything. He basically wanted a '66 Stepside, lifted, BFGs with white letters out, black...