1. Hunter

    Throwback Photos

    Like the title says post up pics of you or people on the forum you know from back in the day. No time limit on the "back in the day" reference just in for some cool pics to jest at or whatever even if it looks like you took it from a potatoe lol like mine me slinging the rock on ole friday...
  2. ITGuy

    ITGuy's 1972 Chevrolet Custom 350 C10 - Shop Truck / Noise Maker

    On a whim I purchased a 1972 Custom 350 C10 while on my way back through Vermont yesterday. I've always been a fan of the second generation trucks and stopped in to look at this shop truck. She's seen better days cosmetically with it's fender well rot, cracking bondo on the bed and a door that...
  3. B

    sas on 06 silverado 1500

    I am planning on doing a sas on my silverado 1500 and changing outfrontout the front and rear axles and making it an 8lug can anyone give me some ideas on the best axles and transfer case
  4. Colton

    Official Honda Ruckus Thread

    A few members have a ruckus, and some other members seem to have some interest in them also so let's use this thread for any pictures/information/parts on them. Let's see some rucks! I'll get it started
  5. WhiteMike

    Trying to make an old man's 96 ECSB somewhat cool

    Had the ole truck for a little over 2 years. Bought from the original owner for $3k with 163k miles. Aside from a few scratches and dents, it's a super clean truck and has never seen dirt or mud or anything. Driven back and forth to work and now school for it's whole life so it has 180k miles...
  6. DemoN

    Custom pro-touring style Silverado.

    I’ve had the truck a long time but after a lot of debate I’ve decided that it’s time to move on to a new project truck. Truck has been garage kept but does have a few minor flaws. Left front wheel is missing the center cap. There is some bump-steer, which I believe is due to slightly flat...
  7. K

    09 Sierra All Terrain

    This is my 09 Sierra All Terrain z71. Has been leveled with a rough country kit, sitting on 275/70r18 Toyo Open Country ATIIs on stock wheels. Just installed the Westin Sportsman grille guard and KC lights.
  8. S

    6.0 swap

    whats up cgm new to the site i was wondering if i can get some advice on a 5.3 to lq9 swap i got a 2000 gmc sierra what would i need to change and also will there have to be any changes to the cpu?any tips on what else to do? thanks for the help
  9. 06_LowTie

    Positive camber

    So i did my shocks and lower ball joints on the front of my truck and im about to do the rear notch and flip but i noticed it has positive camber (Truck has DJM Lower control arms for a 4in drop) do i have to go get my tires re-aligned? It has the factory coil springs (which i was planning on...
  10. Slow05CC

    2/4 Drop Tease Pics... Crew Cab

    Dirty as hell and has not settled as of this pic. Since the pic it has settled and looks a lot better! Currently running 275/55/20s and not rubbing! New tires to come. Fender Height ( Full Tank Of Gas ) Before settling: 31.50 Front Driver, 31.75 Front Passenger. 32.00 Rear Driver, 32.50 Rear...
  11. mrgobstopper

    1998 Chevy Lumina

    I've got a 1998 chevy lumina that looks just like the picture. I want to trick the lumina out to make it go fast and look nice. Can someone help me find what I need and suggest what I should do? Sent from my SCH-I545 using Tapatalk
  12. G

    Truck did something strange the other day

    My 04 silverado 2500 w/6.0 did something funny the other day while pulling a trailer. I was pulling an 8 foot trailer with brush on it through my field and had to put it in 4 high. Well I left it idling for a few minutes while I jumped out to throw some more on the trailer and all the sudden my...
  13. AdamsPolishes

    Adam's Video Commercial Contest!!

    OK fellow Shine Freaks, this is one contest you won't want to miss out on. This is our biggest ever, BY FAR!! What's the deal? Adam's is hosting a video contest. Now I know what you're thinking… what a pain in the butt! Don't worry, it's easy. All you have to do is upload your video...
  14. BOO5TED

    New tires?

    So I'm getting new tires and wanted to know if anyone had experience with any of these. Nitto 421Q Toyo Proxes ST II Toyo proxes ST Anyone run these or have in the past? Go.
  15. 2

    So you want a sub but you got no clue wtf all those specs mean?

    Page Title What do the driver T/S parameters mean and will they help me choose the best driver. The drivers Thiele/Small parameters were brought about in a bid to standardize and bring meaning to the behavior of a cone loudspeaker. Most were specified in the early...
  16. DeanH1290

    Dean's '11 Crew Cab Budget Build

    Hey guys, I'm fairly new to the forum here, but a long time GM fan. Started off with a '04 sierra, but moved up to my '11 crew cab over the holidays. Now on to the Build. This will be a very slow process for the time being, as I have no truck fund and don't have much extra to put towards mods...
  17. chevy53martin

    Wtb duramax

    Looking for a 2003or 2004 duramax this summer wanna know a good price on one I want a 6.6 & extended cab short bed automatic hats a good price and I want a lb7 but what's the diff between all them ?? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  18. P

    Shortening rear end questions, HELP!

    I need some help ASAP! First and foremost, any help will be greatly appreciated and sorry if it's a FAQ. I tested fitted a extra wheel I had laying around on my truck and need some help/info on how much to shorten the rear end.
  19. chevy53martin

    04 duramax regear

    Would I need to regear my duramax it I'm getting 7 inch lift with 37s? Stock gears 3:73 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  20. C

    Local (to me) LBZ RCLB for sale

    Saw this truck on Craigslist. It has ~243k miles on it. Guy sent me some more pictures and it looks pretty darn clean to me. Was thinking about going and taking a look at it, check the balance rates on injectors, etc, see what he knows about it. I wonder if it's...