1. T

    new from royse city texas

  2. TheBrettster

    Sticker/Decal Thread 2.0

    The 2.0 Stickers are IN. Your choices are as followed There are three sizes (in inches), Large: 15x1.5 Medium: 8x.75 Small: 5x.5 Colors: White Silver (Only available in Large) Installed: Large How to buy, Option One: Donate (Limited to new donators...
  3. B

    In need of a sig

    I have two pics to choose from for now until I get back on land. If someone doesn't mind making a clean and simple sig for me, I'd appreciate it.
  4. notorious

    They just wanted to be part of my body, and I said NO
  5. TheBrettster

    Cabin AirFilter Retrofit

    Tools needed: Electric hot knife or dremel 7MM Socket + Driver Cabin Air Filter Retrofit Door (can be purchased through us) First Remove the passenger side kick panel by remove the 2 7MM screws. You will notice an area to the left of the blower that has a flat surface. That surface you need...
  6. ChevyJacked

    New from Michigan

    I drive a 2000 Silverado 1500 with 7 inches of lift total sitting on 35's. Has a spectre cold air intake and is superchips equipped. Here's a few pictures:
  7. Tukn4s

    Important!: How to: 99-02 double din the right way

    First off I want to say that there are a multiple ways to do this but this is the least rigged way to do it. Tools/parts needed: Double din of course 03+radio bucket and dash bezel 03-07c dash kit 99-02 harness 9/32 socket and 1/4" drive ratchet Phillips screwdriver Cutting tool, I...
  8. Jared

    cats or no cats...debate

    I want someone with true insight to comment here. This has been debated for so long, and still many don't want to believe that the NBS and newer trucks don't lose any performance by keeping catalytic converters. Jenna, care to shed some light so that others can make a good decision?
  9. slipping

    New to wheels q&a

    Im am starting to look at new rims for my Hoe - 1999 2wd 4 door. I have never bought an aftermarket set of rims so I am looking for all and any suggestions. I dont really have a set in mind, havent decided if i want to do chrome or black so Im starting from the very begining on this. Places to...
  10. M

    From Big Blue to Tukn 26s

    Well as some of you know I took the 15" FTS lift kit off my truck and have decided to bag the truck and lay 26s. I'll just keep this updated with everything that is happening and going to happen. So we went from this: To this happening: So after it was all said and done and fixed...