1. Krash

    Lost 1st gear in my 6l80 with p0700

    Driving to work this morning my mil light came on. I turned around and headed back home and noticed there was no 1st gear. Abs light and trac light on get home and pull the codes In order P0700 P0856 U0121 Another u code I forgot what it was though. Anyone see anything like this ? I recently...
  2. 4

    24" tire/wheel on lowered truck.

    24" tire/wheel on lowered truck. I've gotta 2011 Silverado and I'm wondering what size tire I would need with 24" wheels with a 4/6 drop. Also, how wide of a tire/wheel can you go on these trucks and still be able to tuck? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Jared

    k brosefs, looking for tire suggestions

    Looking for aggressive all-terrain tire options. 285/?/17 I will probably stick with the stock wheels for now. Toyo Open Country Nitto Terra Grappler Mickey Thompson ATZ General Grabber Red Labels ?
  4. Bassmaster

    FS: Pioneer nav unit $300

    Pioneer AVIC-F700bt navigation, bluetooth calling, usb crutchfield link with more details: Pioneer AVIC-F700BT Navigation receiver at includes all harnesses (door chime, bose, steering wheel controls, remote antenna), fully 100% plug and play! had in my 2005 silverado with bose...
  5. cknox121

    03 Tahoe

    Picked this up yesterday. Got a pretty good deal for it I think. Plans are to fix it up, drive it a while then sell. Good-fully loaded z71 Tahoe, 2 tone interior, sun roof, heat and power front seats, no third row, only 115k miles, aftermarket head unit, leveled, paint to match. Bad- little...
  6. Boosted_Silverado

    Old Truckin Magazine Pics 1997

    I was helping someone move on the weekend and found this old Truckin mag, thought i would share some old pics from 1997!

    02 - 04 Facelift

    Decided to go with a 2004 conversion on the 2002 Silverado. I also got a killer deal on a complete new bed instead of having the original redone to fix the crappy bodywork. As it sits at the moment. Im waiting on the 04 bumper brackets so I can finsih the front clip and have it all...
  8. DemoN

    Demon's -14 RCSB build

    Threads for the truck are scattered around, but i decided (after seeing Sam's build thread) that i should keep a single thread chronicle of my build. i always regret not having one for hells1. so to catch the thread up-to-date: I purchased the truck in June of 2014. 2014 Reg Cab WT2. Cam with...
  9. Wicked Mayhem

    Le wifeys 05 tahoe

    Wife has been wanting a tahoe. Found this one at a local dealership with 64K miles on it. Super clean. Has leather, but no heated seats, and only power driver seat. Not sure if it was optioned like that or they had leather put in it. Looks factory. She wants to lift it a little 33's, i want to...
  10. Half_Ton

    I'm back

    Picked up a 1LT with leather on Saturday. I got a smoking deal and got it leveled with duratracs. tint Friday and figuring out what to do with the adaptive exhaust valve asap. I already bolted it open, but i may leave it when i splice in a magnaflow. Adding nav at a later date may be an...
  11. Slow05CC

    Then New Slow05cc Look

    Finally got some parts on and got it cleaned up ( a little ). Let me know what you think. Its definitely headed in the right direction now. I like the lowered look but I use the truck as a truck. I can take it out to the ranch and tow a trailer or fill the bed with stuff. I really like the...
  12. DemoN

    my 2014 Reg cab back from paint and body

    As most know, i hit a dear with my truck a few weeks back. while it was with the body shop for repairs, we also decided to add a few updates. it was late and raining when i got it back, but as soon as the weather cleared up, i got out the adams and detailed it up :D TOO MUCH SHINE...
  13. racer36

    bruce's 2007c ecsb pile "build"

    most of you guys know my truck by now, but wanted to start a build thread here since i don't like gmfs at all anymore. lol just a few details 2007 classic at 143k 5.3 auto 4x4 basic ecsb truck nothing fancy leveled with horrible angles, 3" block cai, cheap single chamber muffler...
  14. 2Wheelin'

    2Wheelin's '03 Silveraydo Build Thread

    Hai guise. This will be my build thread of my first truck. Picked up an 03 2500HD last week. LS, 6.bro, 80e, 4:10s, 4x4, 150k, etc. Pics of it when I got it Quickly took all the bs off and sold it. Colormatched some things, cleared the heads, esky handles, black valance, removed 4x4...
  15. slicksierra

    Detailing hacks!

    Not sure if we have a thread like this but I know there are more than enough pictures and videos to kick this thing off! HOW TO WAX A CAR - YouTube
  16. ckfarrell32

    Not new, but it's been a while

    Well boys, I'm sure some of you remember me here. For those who don't or are new, I used to browse/troll these forums on the reg, but haven't posted in about a year. I drive a 2011 ECSB Silverado with a factory 6.2, cam/headers/bolt ons all that good stuff. After rebuilding the factory 6L80E...
  17. jonmx477

    Northwest 4x4 "Prerunner" Build

    Northwest 4x4 "Prerunner" Build ]Figured I might as well put up a build thread. First page will be a pic explosion of the last few years. Most of it will be copied from an old thread but hopefully there will be some info that people can take from it. Specs: Dixon Bros 4x4...
  18. Rjsk04

    Have to get new exhaust, help/opinions

    To add to my already bad day today I was in a hurry and got stopped for my pipes being too loud and got a ticket. The cop said he would drop the ticket if I put mufflers on my truck but I don't want to give up my straight pipes so I've started looking into e-cutouts. Right now I have true duals...
  19. R

    Solid Axle Swap Thread

    Havent seen one of these threads on this site yet or found one so figured id start it since I could use another set of eyes for mine which will be starting soon, Post up them pictures ! tech info would be sweet too ill start it off by posting my favorite sas'd truck my brothers...
  20. Khaos

    Joke: Turbocharged Rice Cooker

    Yeah, I bought one. 2002 WRX 2.0L Turbo 5 speed in Midnight Black Metallic with just under 151k on the clock. Bone stock besides HKS catback, 18" Konig wheels (black = :nono:), 2010-ish WRX shifter, and tint. Already debadged the trunk and added clear corner lights, removed fog light...