1. Bagged_Sierra

    A few updated pics

    Took the kids to the park today and took a few pics of the Sierra. the tow mirrors are off right now getting redone and then they will be back on.
  2. marc

    URGENT !!HELP!!!! my silverado 5.3l 2003 code P0300

    okay today got in my truck it was -22C or -8F truck started fine let it warm up for a good 20 mins while i got ready for work....took off slowly as i can for work after 15 mins of driving i had to get on the hwy sorta cut in front of someone so i stepped on it pretty good. so i went up to...
  3. F

    dem tonneau covers

    looking for a real sleek tonneau cover, anybody got a few ideas for the ex cab? i want it flush with the bed, firm so it doesn't make any noise ratteling down the road, easy to use and fucking good looking :brettaf:
  4. B

    PoppaGray'sFamily Truckster

    Some may have seen in the other thread, but I suprised my wife with a new Family hauler on Xmas day. 2013 Ford Flex Limited Ecoboot AWD Fully loaded. 4 sunroofs, power rear hatch, power folding seats, heated and ACseats, Ford mytouch, Rear DVD, Radar Crusie control, Self park, proximity...
  5. B

    New guy from MD

    Hey everyone just stumbled upon this website and figured id join. I have a 05 Silverado SS with some appearance mods. Seen some great info on here and hope to get to talk to a few guys and make some new friends
  6. Chris.G.Jr.

    Need help diagnosing an engine sputter/hesitation

    So as some may know i got my truck finished yesterday swapping an engine in (replacement 350) anyway it starts and runs but i put it in gear and give it some gas and she just bogs and sluggishly starts to move, it kind of sputters a bit til it unchokes itself and moves Forgot to add that when...
  7. 04SSHD

    My new ride 06 2500HD

    gotta fix some of the PO's f'ups but it was cheap so I bought it...f-it.. Plans so far, replace the 1500 bumper cap the PO installed and install the proper 2500HD cap, fix the messed up headliner, wheels and tires, and drive the piss out of it...
  8. F

    2x3 vs 3x3 tubing for step notch pros and cons?

    sup guys, since specialty suspension stole my money for a step notch. I will be building my own from box or rectangle tubing. Just wanted to get some opinions on which would be better to use strength and fit up wise? Leaning towards whichever one is easier to fitup as im fairly sure the...
  9. blome_racing

    Nitto NT-555?

    Has anybody ran the 555 before? I'm on the hunt for some 285/35/22 and was leaning towards these. Anybody have any other suggestions they recommend?
  10. BOO5TED

    Lighting opinions

    So I sold my Denali headlights and just bought some of the clear ones like these. I was going to get the all clear turns also to match them like these, But then saw these and now I can't decide. These kinda match the headlights a little better I think. Which...
  11. Fiesty

    Fiesty's 2000 Silverado

    Been a while since I've been on here. Truck has had some changes recently, and I guess I'll post my future mods here as well. Background info: 2000 1500 z71, 5.3/60e, got it stock last year. Moto 962, Toyos, HD hood, leveled Did a cam swap to the 5.3l last July. Here's a vid...
  12. BradRios

    need yalls advice!!!

    So been collecting parts last couple weeks. an i got sone cal speed lts finaly. shitty packaging awesome product so no complaints. also got a spintech muffler an a electric cut out. i been realky wanting to get all the parts i need an jst spend a week putting everything on, rather doing it a...
  13. D1nman

    Wheel opinions for NNBS Denali

    So as some of you may know im trying to get in a 2008 Denali pretty soon. Obviously will debadge and what not but im not sure on tires and wheels. Here are my options. I can swap tires and wheels also (like put my toyos on the denali stockers, etc) I can use : 33x12.5x20 Toyo M/T and 20x10...
  14. D1nman

    FEELER: 2003 Silverado 1500 ECSB Z71 LT

    Never thought i would consider getting rid of the truck.... but may have an insane deal on a NNBS Denali available. Someone i know is getting the '14 Denali when released and will sell his NNBS one. Soo... Truck was bought new locally. Loaded, white with tan leather (now charcoal). Bose...
  15. iTzTy

    Aux going bad?

    I have the 2010 non bose radio, non usb, but with Aux and it seems like it's acting funny. My cord has to be setting kind of pulled to the left and down for it to play in both sides. I thought it was the cord, so I bought a brand new one not a week ago, and its already noticeable. Could this be...
  16. J_Corr

    2015HD pics

    what is everyone's thoughts on these new trucks?
  17. ITGuy

    Good Morning from Portland Maine.

    Just a quick intro here to say hello. I joined this forum after searching several others looking for some interesting build ideas. My father passed away a few months ago and left me his 2003 GMC Sierra RCLB 4x4 w/ a Vortec 4.3l - low mileage. I'm not quite certain what I should do with...
  18. Cleanoh4

    Tune gone after amp install?

    I already pm'd Jenna and asked her, but figured I'd ask here too. I had an amp/sub installed today and for w/e reason it feels like my tune is gone. Is this possible? Would having the battery disconnected for an amount of time needed to install cause it to "reset" the ecu effectively deleting...
  19. WildChevys

    Whats Up

    Whats up, been meaning to join over here for a bit and just never did it. I think most of ya guys know me just wanted to give a shout out and let ya'll know I joined up. Happy to be here!
  20. SilverChevyZ71

    sig please?

    make me laugh my ass off and I'll rock it