1. P

    New Guy -Non Fullsize- Build thread lol

    New guy here posted a Hey what's up thread now I figured I would post a build thread. Not a full size so idk how much interest this will drum up so we will see :laugh: Bought my blazer December 1st 2014 after selling my bodied 03 S10, my 2000 Xtreme S10 and retiring my beat up 93 S10 ( See a...
  2. T

    NNBS Silverado headlights

    Looking for a set of clear 07-13 Silverado headlights! I have stock headlights to trade if you need them and I'll add cash. Let me know what you have
  3. mitch6879

    Mitch's junky 05 ccsb z71 build

    Bought this truck almost a year ago, so might as well make a built thread... The night I picked it up with 113k miles The next day it was snowing, ugly bull bar and zone leveling kit [emoji20] With the shitbox G8 I sold after buying the Sierra Cleared the headlights, added clear turn...
  4. marc

    Marc's 2007.5 LMM SLT enhancement thread

    so as some of you may know i had sold my LBZ: http://customgm.com/under-construction/6523-marc-new-lbz-sort-build-thread.html so i was looking for a higher K LBZ or even an LB7 when this truck poped up for sale for a really low price. it is as the title states a 2007.5 gmc Sierra Denali 2500hd...
  5. Scooter26

    285/65/18 BFGoodrich All-Terrain KO2

    Heres a few pictures of my freinds truck. its a 2012 Silverado 1500. The truck has a rough country leveling kit in it with stock wheels and no spacers. tires clear with no rubbing. jsut put te new 285/65/18 BFG All Terrain T/A KO2 285/65/18 BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A KO2 285/65/18 BFGoodrich...
  6. yates

    Yates's Cadillac adventures

    So many years ago a friend of mine built a bagged 66 Cadillac and asked me to drive it somewhere , can't remember why or where, but I fell in love. I have looked different ones for years but never worked out for various reasons. Fast forward to today, the ram sold a week or so and I was replaced...
  7. Alecks

    4.10 8.5/8.6 10-bolt gears

    Brand new Summit Racing gears, meant to install in troka, too lazy now. Bought for $160, want $150 shipped kthxbye West Monroe, LA; PM if interested
  8. Bassmaster

    Denali console makeover

    going to finally start making moves on installing the console that has sat for almost a year. would like some ideas/product suggestions. PO already added a 7" monitor (id only really use as back up cam), some switch holes and usb ports. trok exterior theme is black/silver, interior is too busy...
  9. T.Stevens

    For Sale: 2010 Silverado LTZ CCSB 4x4 Black 6/9 24s LTZ Custom

    Looking to sell my 2010 Silverado LTZ Crew Cab Short Box 4x4. Rebuilt Title. 141,000 KMS/ About 88,000 MILES (Canadian vehicle) Fully loaded with the exception of: Navigation, Sunroof & Sliding Rear Window Located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada Interior Leather, Heated, Power and Memory...
  10. P

    NEW from Cincinnati

    New to CustomGM.com wanted to intruduce myself and my Silverado SS
  11. E

    Retrofitting NNBS fogs

    Had some old offroad led lights laying around so figured i wanted to try and put the leds in my stock fog light housing. Let me know wat y'all think. led lights I'm using fresh paint and led mounted lens sealed back on - - - - - - - - - -auto merged double post- - - - - - - - -...
  12. Oktain

    SBM Sierra RCSB build thread... Sort of anyway.

    First post is essentially just making it official. I've put my order in for a 2015 SBM (Stone Blue Metallic) Sierra Z71, RCSB. Options I went with: - Trailer brake controller - trailering equipment and 3.42's instead of 3.08's - jet black interior - backup camera - 20's (All terrain are not...
  13. Big Tex

    For Sale: 07-13 oem GMC 20" rims TRADE

    I'm looking to trade my gmc 20's for a set of 20" tahoes or ltz's. Trade is for rims and lug nuts only. I will sell these for the right price so make me an offer if you are serious. Located in Mesquite, TX.
  14. dszx13

    Wtb nnbs Gmc grill.

    Prefer work truck so I can color match but open to others. Not looking to spend a arm and a leg or I'd jus buy a new one. Will be shipped to 71055
  15. 2

    For Sale: TBSS/NNBS Complete intake manifold

  16. SamCarroll

    FFR Heims? Beware

    FFR, Ive tried to handle this via PMs/Emails/posts multiple times. Each time i was told "they must not be tight enough" or "installer error". This absolutely sent me into a white fiery rage. I've worked in customer service for over 10 years and i hate when someone doesn't back their own product...
  17. DirtyBlackHoe

    Well I bought Austin's truck and couldn't be happier

    Well the time finally came where someone bought the wifes 2004 Tahoe and I knew it was time to either buy a junker, or buy something that I completely 100% planned to keep for 5+ years. I have been in love with this truck since I first saw it and it is my fave GM color. I ended up getting a deal...
  18. Ricardo

    Truetrac & Rebuild kit

    Selling My Detroit Truetrac GM 10 Bolt 8.5"/8.6" Comes With Master Rebuild Kit. $460 plus shipping! Location: Oklahoma City Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  19. M

    Truck down!!

    So, for the past couple of weeks, I'd been listening to this squeal coming from under the hood. It would get louder and louder as the truck warmed up. Well Saturday, I was coming back home and it threw the belt and overheated on me. I pulled over and the belt was over by the battery, still in...
  20. Rjsk04

    Anyone seen these lights?

    I've never seen a light bar with this done to it until I saw this, has anyone ever seen anything like this or know what it is? Would like to know about the cubes in the mirrors too. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk