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  • I have a 04 chevy 4wheel drive, Z71. I decided to lower it. I got it custom painted. turning into an SS truck all I need now is rear tailgate cap, rear bumper cover, and the cladding. It has a volant air intake system with the scoop system running to the right front bumper hole. A polished throttle body spacer, and edelbrock polished throttle body.Built transmission, MSD sparkplug wires, NGK laser iridium plugs, 22 inch chrome SS replicas, diablo tuner, 3 inch lowering keys on the front, shackles and hangers on the rear, and a 125 wet shot on nitrous. high flo catalytic converters. And I was wondering what would be the best route to go for a dyno tune Ive heard blackbear, Nelson, and on the Mississippi coast called mod mafia performance. And I also need to know what you guys would think would look better. A flip kit or a static drop(and how much work is involved in the static drop) and what tune to go with, and anyone know where to get them parts I needed in the beginning of this
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