Apr 2, 2016
New guy here posted a Hey what's up thread now I figured I would post a build thread. Not a full size so idk how much interest this will drum up so we will see :laugh:

Bought my blazer December 1st 2014 after selling my bodied 03 S10, my 2000 Xtreme S10 and retiring my beat up 93 S10 ( See a pattern here? ). It looked like this


But it was a cheap buy with normal miles. Came with a 2/3 drop ( $380 spindles and 3" blocks) and I knew I could sell the wheels and misc bullshit and have a decent buy. I was also in desperate need of a daily.

The next day I swapped out the cheap shit for factory headlights and a set of 20" Coy c5's I had laying around.

Installed HIDS

Installed some seats I had laying around from my body dropped truck project, mainly for comfort.

Then it got hit by some hit and run at work

Drove it all winter long

And I was happy

And then when the weather finally broke ....

Left over parts

Here its sitting at about a 5" drop all the way around (1.5" from factory, then 3.5/4.5" drop when I got it)

And I was happy...

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So I decided to get engaged to me long time GF

Messed with my interior some. GMC Envoy handles, Pioneer Double din, misc billet and chrome stuff

Drove it a lot

But I still needed moar low! So I installed some belltech 3" Leafs along with my JTR blocks for a drop of 7" Sitting on the frame here and it has since settled to 7.5"

My buddy welded in a notch for me

And once again, I was happy ...
Apr 2, 2016
I realized at this point after owning the Blazer for 6 months or so it was a very good vehicle. It had a slight intake leak like most 4.3's do over 150,000 miles. But all it had needed was a bearing and a heater core. After selling my favorite truck and regretting it every day I realized I was in it for the long haul. It will take something very xtreme (get it?) to sell this thing. So why not dump some more money into it?

Cheap wheels because I got sick of polishing the lips on the Coys constantly (Coy wheels are cheap cast wheels and don't polish worth shit fwiw)

Riding on bumpstop in the front. So I removed the bumpstop and I am currently in the situation of lowering the bump stop since I'm also adjusting my coilovers down.

At this point the rear sat really good but the front was still too high ( and still is for now )

Dick measuring contest

Traded hoods for a Sonoma hood

Front settled .5". Currently 7.5/8.5" lower than a factory 2wd blazer.

Got a grip royal wheel to match my seats when I did my wheels

Then of course I found these seats in Ohio. In 2000-2001 GMC made a rare Diamond Edition trim for the Jimmy's to celebrate 35 years apparently. They came in three different trim levels with the rarest having all the GMC Envoy fun parts.

Mainly just because I like looking at her

Envoy rear bumper cover

Started my Envoy/Diamond edition interioir swap.

Rear settled to right here.

Imported some taillights from Brazil

Then I picked up a 1999 GMC Envoy for my Fiance

Needed: front bumper cover, interior wood grain, center caps, radiator, third brake light was bad, wheel bearing, multifunction switch, Alternator, oil leaks plugged etc.

Total cost $2250ish

But now my blazer needs the Intake gasket redone.

Pieced together a matching Diamond Edition center console

And how she currently sits

Hoping to get this intake manifold gasket done, adjust the coilovers down and make new bumpstop mounts, install tall ball joints and then its off to paint. Waiting on a new color matched steering wheel and knob.

So yeah that's my Blazer lol
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May 7, 2012
St. Louis, MO
DUDE!! I loooove this truck!! Even though they sucked a bunch and were a pain to work on, I miss my s10 trucks sooo bad!!! This blazer is awesome.

Were the red seats those weird factory transam/firebird seats that showed up in like 500 cars for a quick second then vanished?? I remember those being the hot seat since they were direct swaps.

You ever thought about doing one of the metal gauge overlays? i think I paid like 10 bucks on ebay for it and I really liked what it did to the cluster



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Mar 12, 2012
So clean! It's definitely in the best stage although I love those red seats in the all black interior. I'd love to have one similar for a daily. I follow this dude on ig and love his truck too.

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Apr 2, 2016
@Jake747 yes you do!

@racer36 and @BigBoi Thanks Guys!

@GeoffSFAs10 Thanks man! The seats are actually just recovered Bravada seats. I told my interior guys to just recover them so they looked exactly the same just red lol

As far as the metal overlays, I had those on one of my first s-series and I just kind of outgrew them. Not opposed to them just not entirely what I want for this truck.

@HaydenB99 Thanks man!

@tylers88 I say cheap wheels because they are replica wheels. I don't need a set of $3500 wheels on a $4000 daily driven blazer haha

@Dakota Yeah that's Tommy's truck. I studied his build thread for a bit on s10f. He's always been a nice guy to me but he can be a bit douchey to others sometimes. I would change some things about his truck but it seems nice.

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Jan 20, 2014
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Awesome build man. I'm starting to think a mini might be a fun project to start.

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Apr 2, 2016
I absolutely love my Mini trucks. My dad and I bought an 04 2500hd lifted it a little etc. While its nice I feel more at home in my small trucks. Something about s-series appeal to me.

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Apr 2, 2016
Ive just got the Tall Lowers at the moment. A buddy of mine was selling his so I snagged them. The lowers actually do the same for the camber curve AND they fix most of the factory bumpsteer by raising the spindle .5". Bonus points for lowering the front end another .5" also haha. Ill do the uppers when I get new upper control arms, whenever that is lol.


May 13, 2015
Love that thing, looks awesome and the whole time I was thinking of that red trucks thread on s10f. I stayed updated on his for a long time.