1. B


  2. D

    Upgrading 2014 Sierra Lights

    ...with the LEDs in the headlight. I'm looking to pull the trigger on a morimoto hid kit, 4300k 35w, for the headlights, and 4300k LEDs for the fogs. Will the morimoto kit match the LED brows in the headlights? Or at least close? I do not want 5000k as they all look blue to me. Anyone done this...
  3. J

    Garage flooring- Epoxy or tile- anyone have it, pros/cons of either?

    I'm looking to finish out the garage with extra baseboard left over from the house, and also paint the garage interior the house interior color. Up until a few days ago I was set on an epoxy flake coating. But I've recently been reading about tiling the garage. Many people seem to like it...
  4. Chewy07

    Chewy's millenium dmax

    Alright guys new slate. 08 Gmc Sierra duramax. Its another ext cab yes but i love it. Here's whats done. 20x10 Eagle alloy wheels 5" exhaust with muffler DSP-5 with shitty ass longhorn tunes 6k hids low and highs black billet grille with the outsides painted white Frontier front end...
  5. HackMcMaster

    Pressing out Uca bushings

    So I'm in the process of redoing the front suspension this weekend. For the life of me I can't get these upper control arm bushings out. I'm going to leave three in after seeing how good they still are trying to get the first out. However I have made the first one unusable now, the only idea I...
  6. GR$$N$

    2500 suspension

    so anyone looking for mid travel we have a few kits laying around for 2000-2010 2500s. it consists of uca's,lcas,spindles,shock towers, axles with lifetime warranty,bypass shocks,coilovers with springs and heavy duty steering. retail is 9300 but i can get you hooked up since this forum. we were...
  7. fortplainman

    drunk lady hits my truck....carnage and advice for rebuild parts

    So as some of you have seen on my facebook, in the chatbox, and as well in the "vehicles as they sit now" thread, some drunk lady hit me last night supposidly reaching for her phone. i havent gone to see her car, but may sometime today if i can get a vehicle to drive and get some pics. cops...
  8. B

    19 from Canada !

    Hi , my name is Bruce , I am from Sudbury Ontario Canada eh? Lol , anyways I love mechanics and vehicles I currently drive a 2004 chev silverado , but am building a 1979 gmc high sierra step side 4x4 ps. I'll upload photos soon , phones not letting me right now lol
  9. Ginger

    swaping double dins

    So I had a pioneer d3 in my truck and the great got me a x5600bhs by pioneer. Is the install harness and stuff the somewhere I can just plug this one in or do I need to rewire it?
  10. Jared

    LY6 6.0 for sale

    2009 LY6 6.0 complete pullout for sale. Bought it from Tim Jordan's salvage yard in Crandall. Ran before being pulled. Exact mileage uknown...but who really plans to pull a motor and install without at least replacing gaskets? I am in the Frisco area. No I won't deliver. I decided to sell my...
  11. Cuban.

    For Sale: 3157 led switchbacks

    EDIT- ONLY 2 BULBS LEFT So I ordered switchbacks for my truck and they sent the wrong ones. So here I am selling the ones they sent me. There's a total of 4 bulbs. They're 5k and Amber switchbacks. They do not come with resistors because they weren't sent with these when I purchased them so...
  12. 2

    OEM 10 bolt 4.10 gears

    My G80 blew and I ordered a full True Trac kit from rons machining that came with new gears. Once the installer pulled my set, we realized the gears were perfectly fine :facepalm: and just the G80 had blown. I said screw it and installed the new set anyways so these are now for sale. We both...
  13. SamCarroll

    Freshened up a Yukon

    Member over on GMFS hit me up, wanted to strip and seal his Yukon which he takes great care of as is. SCG PRO Prep Wash Clay w/ "other" DS to get rid of it Prep Spray prototype to make sure surface was 100% ready Sonax Poly Netshield 2 layers CG Blacklight SC GPRO Trim Conditioner CG...
  14. 06_LowTie

    tire size?

    Ok so bought newer GMC 18' wheels for truck, i noticed that the newer trucks come with a little beefier side wall which i don't want... was wondering what size sidewall i should go with. My truck came with 17' steelies but i forget what the tire size was... should i just figure that out and the...
  15. HackMcMaster

    building a tank

    would like to build my own tank over the winter so i dont burn my truck down like that guy in florida. looking for any info anyone might have after building their own tanks.
  16. 06_LowTie

    Truck feels like it has no bawls

    Ok so before i even hear shit about it i know its a V6 and it doesn't have any bawls anyway but it still feels like it loses power from time to time when im driving, but heres the problems... sometimes when i go to start it up it acts like it doesn't have any fuel going in and takes longer to...
  17. Scott87

    Introduction just South of Boston

    Hello everyone, New here introducing myself. . I am a die hard Buick guy but recently been working on my daily driver 08 GMC 2500HD Duramax cc/sb... The other car is an 87 Buick Grand National. .
  18. S

    Diesel Help

    Well, a couple months ago I got my first diesel, a 2006 Chevy 2500 Duramax HD LT. I'm absolutely loving it, and have added a few things like bumper/grille (deer are a big problem in my area), a leveling kit, tow mirrors, and completely redid the audio inside. I do have a couple questions though...
  19. zachmillonzi

    New from Houston (Sugar Land area)

    Hey y'all, I'm new here. I'm members of other truck forums, but I don't really use them much. I know I have a few of y'all on Facebook. Anyways, I'm Zach, just turned 20, and I have an 05 crew cab that I've been toying with the past two years. Bought it bone stock and have since painted it...
  20. T

    Can you run full exhaust with a 4/6 or 2/4 drop nbs. Opinion on 4/6 vs 2/4

    I havent lowered the truck yet, but I have the rst roll pan with the square tips on my truck and dont really want to loose the exhaust. Will the axle destroy it on a 4/6 drop? As of right now I have a set of dbrods coilovers, and a belltech notch ordered. Still cant decide if I wanna go 2/4 with...