1. R

    New guy from kansas

    Some of you might know me from gmfs as 05chevy04yfz, pretty dead over here now saw a few of the other guys liked custom gm forum on Facebook. So here I am I got a 06 ss silverado and a 94 full size blazer that I dd, ss sits 98%. Hope this site is how gmfs was at one point.
  2. Hunter

    08Texas Build thread

    Interior: 2 10in Kicker compsDone Ported pro box Done Planet Audio 1500wDone Paint Interior Dash and Silver Aceent peicesDone Exterior: 20x10 -12 fuel hostagesDone 55w 6000k HID's Done Clear heads Color match all chrome Debadge Performance: Vette ServoDone Airaid MIT with K&N drop in...
  3. cknox121

    Time for change

    So sense its been about 6 months and my tars are getting a little low on tread, time to look for some new rims. Im going with mud grapps for tires. Heres the whip Love my chrome but getting bored with them right now. Here are some rim ideas I like. Wanting to go with some black and...
  4. slicksierra

    Important!: Adams Polishes/Customgm.com Official Mystery Box Thread!

    So as many of you, two days ago Adams had hands down the best daily special I have seen yet. The mystery box, listed at $25.00 is guaranteed to contain at least $40.00 in retail products but select boxes will contain up to $100.00 in retail products! Then to spice it up even more other boxes...
  5. Jimmy

    Shaved tailgate

    Thinking about shaving my tailgate, post up some pics of shaved gates on stepsides. Heres what mine currently looks like. What should i do about the top pad? Thanks.
  6. B

    2014 Silverado/Sierras

    Any see the live release? More power for all 3 engines, nothing special with a smaller turbo/diesel engine. Still ugly ass fuck, and the interiors are still trash. Ball has been dropped once again
  7. Smith

    NNBS center console, grille, and some other random odds and ends....

    Copied most of these from my craigslist ads... Location: All items are in Shreveport, LA I have two gmc grilles. One has the chrome scratched up pretty good while the other is in pretty good shape and was only removed to replace with a different style grille. Was going to paint the chrome on...
  8. CUB

    Workin and Twerkin

    Some shit we do at my work We powdered the bars and dipped the hood and re-did the sticker 09 Escalade this kid brought in for us to "murder out" :okay2: BEFORE: We hydrodipped all the burlwood to black burlwood...i think it came out pretty sick His powdercoated calipers Hard...
  9. J

    NNBS RCSB 1" Shackle

    I'm sitting at 4/6 and want to lower my rear another 1in with the 1in shackle to put it at 7in in the rear but was wondering if i would have enough clearance between my axle n the frame before i do it.
  10. GingerCrew

    Cutting factory springs

    Good idea or bad, seen people cut drop springs a inch or two, if you can cut factory springs, how much??
  11. No1Limit

    My new build - Need help with ideas 2001 GMC Sierra 1500

    2001 GMC Sierra 1500 RCLB Build Hey guys TRUCK - 4.8 4x4 rclb 136k then Then then Now Done - 6in RCX lift - 18x10 Raceline Renegade 6 - polished - 33x12.50x18 Atturo Trail Blade M/Ts - Cleared headlights and bumpers - Remove stickers/ ls badge - Muffler - Dynomax ultraflo ss - Some...
  12. S

    ssierra 96 slow build thread

    This will be a slow build so be gentle. 96 silverado (gmc swap) 2wd 96k on the clock shackles,and them stock wheels blue int swap billet and debadge with tint cai,e-fans,full exhaust with 22" magnaflow dumped Plans are 4.6 on 2010 ss camaro wheels (already purchased wheels When I got...
  13. Nick

    Wanted: WTB: 17" oem/aftermarket wheels

    Location: Lafayette, LA Shipping: May consider if price is right. Price: negotiable 17" oem/aftermarket wheels Picky about aftermarket wheels but open to offers. Prefer these oem wheels:
  14. D

    Per Jared: My intro.

    I typically used to be on gmfs alot, but have gotten sick and tired of all the boring crap "what will my stock white truck look like with an inch i lift" i have no imagination and can't even pleasure my wifey with new tricks in bed crap, So i seek solitude in this fine Gm based establishment...