1. 2

    Tool organization

    So I recently bought a bigger tool box where I can actually organize all my tools instead of keeping them in the shitty plastic cases they came in. What are u fgts using to organize ur sockets? was thinking something like this. but ive got 6 and 12pt sockets in almost every foken...

    Tillers 2013 tahoe build

    We'll I've always wanted a tahoe and I finally talked the fiancé into trading her care in on one so 'we' can have a nice sized family SUV We ended up with a 2013 2wd silver tahoe with 20k on it. First plans are to give it a full detail and demoed it Exhaust Led replacements 3"...
  3. Khaos

    Important!: How To: Fix Yoke Clunk by Clamping Leaf Springs

    Most everyone that owns a GM truck knows about the infamous yoke clunk. After putting up with it for the last few months on my extended cab, I decided today that I would fix the issue. After doing some research, there seemed to be three ways to go about fixing it: getting the updated nickel...
  4. 06_LowTie

    Positive camber

    So i did my shocks and lower ball joints on the front of my truck and im about to do the rear notch and flip but i noticed it has positive camber (Truck has DJM Lower control arms for a 4in drop) do i have to go get my tires re-aligned? It has the factory coil springs (which i was planning on...
  5. LeonMiller94

    Anyone make rack and pinion conversion

    I lowered my 94' silverado and im wanting to upgrade to rack snd pinion ~jared miller
  6. 9

    For Sale: Morimoto adapter plates (fits 6.0)

    I have a set of new Morimoto adapter plates for your HID retrofit. $35 delivered. I ended up with an extra set.
  7. Shemick

    07 cadillac escalade ext

    New to here but here is my custom 07 lade with 26" lexani rims and an entire asanti package from grill to side vents and emblems also a complete stereo system upgrade including all Mtx elite competition style speakers two amps and two twelves for a thumping sound Sent from my iPhone using...
  8. BigBoi

    GM Recall

    I'm sure owners have been notified and this may be old news; but just in case. All 2014/2015 trucks and SUVs GM Recall for all 2014 Trucks and 2015 SUVs | Opinions Blog & Opinions at Truckin Magazine...
  9. A

    What brand of gears would you buy?

    Okay so I've done enough research to make my head spin, and every thread I read has different and contrasting results on what gears are better, made by who, and seems to change by the year :ninja: So I'm asking, from what Summit racing sells (Richmond, Yukon, Motive, or G2) I like ordering...
  10. G

    Denali swap

    09 Sierra Sent from my SCH-I605 using Tapatalk
  11. BigBoi

    OBS brake issues

    Had a buddy change my shoes and drums Monday night. Mine were wore down to the metal. He did everything in about 2 hours. Well last night I was pulling into my gfs house (in her car, mine was parked) and noticed the inside of my driver side rear tire wet. Got under it and both back tires are...
  12. Jared

    Shop snipers for me

    let me know if better pics are needed
  13. B

    Operation TallyHo

    Had a good friend call me and inform me he was shipping his 2010 Tahoe from out east to me. Specific instruction was that he wanted to lower the truck, and make it look stock/modded. Gave me a budget, and said he trust my decisions. Truck arrived today, and we started the work on it. ITs not...
  14. chevy53martin

    Chevy 5.3 vs 6.0

    I find a lot of 6.0 trucks is there anythjng wrong with then other Han the bad gas milage ?? The 1500s.. I love the 5.3 never had the 6.0 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. Samuel6731

    Color choices

    Ok guys, i ordered some traction bars for my soon to be installed performance goodies (check build thread). Truck is Dark green. I'm wanting to paint them to stand out but not in a way that contrasts to much with my truck. Just wanting them sorta noticeable to those who know what they are...
  16. BigBen

    Nnbs light replacement?

    Am i retarded or is there just no page with the whole list of light numbers for a nnbs. Helps:facepalm:
  17. D

    3" drop shackles for a NBS?

    Anyone know where to find them? I've been lookin everywhere.
  18. A

    GMC Denali Tail Lights OEM.

    I'm selling my Denali Tails because I'm trying to save some money up and I really don't need them. They are GM OEM. And they are in okay condition. They are missing the 2 tabs that push into the truck, but you can screw them out of your original tail lights into the Denali tails. I'm asking...
  19. DeanH1290

    Dean's '11 Crew Cab Budget Build

    Hey guys, I'm fairly new to the forum here, but a long time GM fan. Started off with a '04 sierra, but moved up to my '11 crew cab over the holidays. Now on to the Build. This will be a very slow process for the time being, as I have no truck fund and don't have much extra to put towards mods...
  20. CodyZ71

    Suspension lifts?

    Does anybody know where I can find a 5 inch or a 5 4 suspension lift for a 2002 z71 ecrb? Sent from my A1-810 using Tapatalk