1. stanced stepside01

    Nbs speakers

    Was looking to get some new speakers for 01 chevy extended cab what are the sizes of the speakers front and rear and also what brand do you guys recommend ? I was thinking Alpine or fosgates
  2. SuperchargedSS

    The Return of The Yeti... Another 2015 DenaliHD Build

    Sold the Black DenaliHD and bought a white one last week. Pretty much identical to the black one except this one had a sunroof and the powerfold tow mirrors already. Plans are big lift, big wheels, big tires. I'll update that as things become firm. Just waiting to hear back on confirmation...
  3. SamCarroll

    Labor Day Weekend Shenanigans

    Just some pics from this weekend messing around. Ill have a video up probably tomorrow.
  4. lowlife08

    nnbs stuff for sale

    Escalade door panels for sale perfect condition 350 Escalade cluster with plug 150 Black lt dash 250 Also have a custom made sub box for a 10 jlw7 I will sale.. it fit under the seat in a crew cab nnbs Also have the front 2 seats with less then a 1000 miles on them. Driver seat is power...
  5. Gannon

    Gannon's 2000 Sierra turbo build

    I've grown bored with this truck so about that time to do something else with it. This will be a slow progress build. Complete kb turbo kit Upgraded 7668 precision turbo and precision wastegate Still need to buy: 60# injectors Fuel pump Boost gauge Fuel gauge Wide band Also going on...
  6. lowlife08

    2015 silverado duramax

    This one is getting lifted
  7. 4silverado

    Newb from North Carolina

    New here (of course). Name is Mike. I'm married, going on 8 years now. Been working for the same company for the last 20 years as a factory troubleshooter for an equipment manufacturer. Always looking for ideas for my 03 Silverado ECSB 2wd. Done a few things - Kenwood radio and Kenwood 6.5...
  8. Kkirwan71

    Kkirwan71's 2000 silveraydo

    Gonna be a slow pace seeing as how mom and pop don't fund me. But so far the mods are subtle. So far we have... 4hi mod Nbs 17s and 285s Rough country 3 inch kit (came on the truck) Crappy cheap aftermarket head unit (and so came with the truck) Led swapped marker lights My emergency...
  9. F

    Shallow mount subs

    I'm about to do a Lil audio on my truck (dd radio, door speakers with amp) and also wanted some bass. A friend if mine gave me an under the rear seat sub enclosure for 2 12's. What if any shallow mount subs would you guys recommend that won't break the bank. I'm not trying to out bang anybody I...
  10. Bassmaster

    Denali console makeover

    going to finally start making moves on installing the console that has sat for almost a year. would like some ideas/product suggestions. PO already added a 7" monitor (id only really use as back up cam), some switch holes and usb ports. trok exterior theme is black/silver, interior is too busy...
  11. cknox121

    03 Tahoe

    Picked this up yesterday. Got a pretty good deal for it I think. Plans are to fix it up, drive it a while then sell. Good-fully loaded z71 Tahoe, 2 tone interior, sun roof, heat and power front seats, no third row, only 115k miles, aftermarket head unit, leveled, paint to match. Bad- little...
  12. SilverSierra

    Wheel opinions needed!

    Hopefully going to be ordering my FTS 7" lift before long, and trying to decide what to do as far as wheels are concerned..... Need ideas! Option 1: My stock GMC 20's with 35s and some spacers Option 2: 22x12 wheels on 35s (which wheels??) No solid black Option 3: You tell me! And go...
  13. DemoN

    weekend detail

    i had Saturday mostly to myself...and even though it was hot, it was overcast. 2 bucket wash with Adam's shampoo. after the rinse, i misted the truck with detail stray and dry. when i was drying, i noticed i had some spots on the bed fender that look like splatter from wheel detailing. add...
  14. J

    Custom sub boxes.

    Looking to turn some heads when you drive your pride and enjoy through the city? Want a unique enclosure for your sound system? Look no further! Weve started a new company that makes custom fiberglass sub boxes and customizes headlights and tail lights. Want the back panel of your headlights to...
  15. M

    Honderp build thread...road to a new daily

    So I'm doing this honda thing now i guess 1990 accord lx Plans are to swap in a jdm h22 and convert from auto to manual then daily it and sell my truck. ok picture time first got it home Drained the oil, looks promising. Also has a blown trans. Cherry. initial tear down, looks awful...
  16. Cheeny23

    Need wiring diagram

    was too hot for me to keep dicking around with the 40million oem plugs and wires, so if anyone happens to have it, please post it up need it for: 2013 crew cab, 6 channel bose (non-luxury is the 6ch, where as lux is the 9 channel) with nav. ive cut and tapped into the normal color...
  17. Jared

    FS: Misc. stuff from shitwagon

    I am trying to get rid of some clutter in the garage, and decided to offer everything here first. If there is no interest within a week I will post this stuff everywhere else. ~Stock head unit-worked great when removed for DD $50 obo sold ~Dorman window regulator and motor $50 sold new Dorman...
  18. sportbike rider

    NNBS brand new leveling kit and sub box

    I have a brand new never used TGC (Top Gun Customz) front leveling kit for a NNBS silverado or sierra pickup. I also have a used but in good condition sub box for a NNBS Silverado or sierra crew cab that goes under the seat. The sub box will fit 2 12" subs. I'm asking $70 for the leveling kit...
  19. Slow05CC

    03-07C Jump Seat To Full Console Swap How To

    Here is a quick how too on swapping the jump seat console to a full console on a 03-07 Silverado. I looked everywhere online for a how too, only to come up with before and after pictures and very little on the actual swap. So I decided since I was doing the swap I would take during photos for...
  20. Huck

    Huck's '70 C10

    Ok ok, I know I'm jumping the gun a little bit since I don't even have the truck yet :rofl: But I'm so freaking excited that I had to post. Little back story of how this came about. Lisa is my second cousin and her husband (Frank) got this truck from the original owner's widow when he passed...