1. T

    sub box

    Does anyone know of a place to get a good deal on a sub box for a 06 crew cab silverado
  2. 06_LowTie

    New guy from Delaware

    Hey guys im Anthony, im from Bear Delaware. I got an 06 silverado, lowered 4in all around, 4% tind all around and 30% on the windsheild, indash with pioneer speakers, 10 in slim kicker sub, tinted taillights, clear cornered headlights, HID headlights and fogs, 22in boss 330s, 2in reflexxions...
  3. Reubencanyon

    New guy on the forum! Minitrucker

    Hey guys my name is Reuben. Im 17. I own an 06 Gmc canyon. I bought it my self and have worked on it ever since. Ill post a pic in a bit.
  4. 02z71 Sierra

    02z71 Sierra's not really a build, build..

    Alright fellas, I'm at the point with my truck where I'm getting bored with it, and not sure what I want to do to it next. That's where you all come in... What's done right now Exterior: 6 inch RCX NTD lift 20x9 XD Hoss wheels plastidipped 305/55 falken wildpeak at tires Demolded Tint on...
  5. C

    What grille to run??? NEED HELP!

    Ok so I cant decide what grille to run on my truck... The truck is all white... Door handles, mirrors, bumpers, grille, everything. I am going to be running a polished American Force wheel. I cant decide if I should do stock, stock with GMC painted white, RBP, black or stainless Grillcraft...
  6. A

    Torsion bar casting numbers?

    So I've seen the list on here of the torsion bar codes. But those are the rpo codes for them. Does anybody have a list of the actual numbers and casting codes in the end of the bars and how they correspond to the rpo letters. I have a set of bars...
  7. B

    vinyl belongs on your house, not your car

    God knows Im not the first guy to wrap a vehicle, but overall im pretty impressed. I can clearly tell its wrapped as I have years of experience with polishing cars etc, but to 50% of the members on here I bet I could tell you its paint and they'd believe me. Its hexis Frozen Grey Matte Vinyl...
  8. Jose.

    Is this a good trade?

    Alright brodudes so I've been clearing a few NNBS Silvy headlights and have a friend who wants me to do his. He works at a dealership and can paint pretty good so I asked if he would trade work, I clear his headlights and he paint my 5 handles and mirror caps. I know it's a bitch sanding down...
  9. Horhey81

    Kicker Hideaway

    I just pulled the trigger on this sub, anyone have experience with it? All the reviews seem to praise it's power! HoR-HeY 81
  10. static06

    help me choose subwoofahs

    Sooooo it's been too long that I've gone without having any bump in the truck. I used to have a pair of Kicker CVX's that I LOVED but one of them burnt out so I'm on the hunt for some subs. Box is a probox and won't be changing it out anytime soon. Amp is an Elemental Designs nine.1 monoblock...
  11. M

    From Big Blue to Tukn 26s

    Well as some of you know I took the 15" FTS lift kit off my truck and have decided to bag the truck and lay 26s. I'll just keep this updated with everything that is happening and going to happen. So we went from this: To this happening: So after it was all said and done and fixed...
  12. S

    Help! "Oil pressure low, shut off engine immediately"

    So this morning I received the above message on my dash, anyone know what it might be related to? 2007 NNBS Chevy 1500. I drove home with no issues or indicators from work last night, parked it. v/r, Stephan