fuel system

  1. juanr_08

    TRUCK ACTS LIKE WANTS TO TURN OFF. No engine light on

    Hey cgm peeps need some help. I've noticed when I start the truck it sounds like it wants to die on me and then runs fine after a few seconds, but this is not a everyday thing, at times turns on fine with no issues, but when it happens sounds like its not shooting enough fuel. Maybe fuel...
  2. Cleanoh4

    How to change fuel injectors/o-rings

    In doing my Intake Manifold swap I also did some other things that made sense to do while I was in there. This write-up will focus on the removal of the fuel injectors, which also is the same if you are just replacing the seals(o-rings), the process should be the same across motors and years...
  3. Malikk Loftis

    Malikk's 92 s10

    Had this truck since my sophomore year. Always wanted to ls swap it now I'm getting around to it. Was originally going to be a lq9 that I was getting in return for doing a cam swap, and help with an ls swap. Motor ended up having water in it. So I got it and $1200. Have a set of cnc'd 317's...
  4. Gannon

    Gannon's 2000 Sierra turbo build

    I've grown bored with this truck so about that time to do something else with it. This will be a slow progress build. Complete kb turbo kit Upgraded 7668 precision turbo and precision wastegate Still need to buy: 60# injectors Fuel pump Boost gauge Fuel gauge Wide band Also going on...
  5. Ricardo

    07 CCSB Slow Turbo Build ("Richy")

    07 CCSB Slow Turbo Build ("Richy") Hey guys decide to do a thread about what's going to be happening to my truck soon and also haven't been active lately. Stock Bottem End 4.8 S476/87 Bullseye turbo Custom Grind Cam 243/799 Heads Nnbs intake Id1000 injectors 4l80e swap Pi3600...
  6. E

    89-98 Roller TBI Build

    I'm looking for some information on putting together an engine that has the roller cam and possibly Vortec heads with the TBI option to keep my truck easier to manage. Since the entire swap is coming from the 'yard I will have the complete upper intake and fuel system less the harness and PCM so...
  7. 2

    For Sale: TBSS/NNBS Complete intake manifold

  8. buckwild27

    Fuel system upgrades need help.

    Need input on if I need to change out the fuel lines and return line regulator. I have a 2010 Sierra it came stock with a 4.8l flex fuel, I upgraded to the 430hp ls3 and changed the fuel pump to walbro 450, I'm running 60# injectors and a procharger supercharger D1-sc1 with 10# of boost. Motor...
  9. Rjsk04

    No fuel filter on my truck?

    This morning when I cranked my truck up and it got down to a idle it just coughed and died and its been doing it all day so I figured it was just the fuel filter. I went to go get one and the guy told me my truck doesn't have one that it's in the pump itself which is $424 so I crawled under the...
  10. wretched73

    Important!: What a/c kit to buy

    I'm going to purchase a new ac compressor and would like to just buy it as a kit with the accumulator and all that jazz included. What would you all suggest I purchase? I'm more concerned with quality than price Sent from my HTC6500LVW using Tapatalk
  11. S

    return style fuel rail fiting size?

    I'm ordering parts to get my fuel system ready for my turbo build any of you guys know whats the fitting sizes? was going to order russel EFI fitting to keep it clean but clueless on witch ones i need? its a truck return style rail
  12. Slammed2000

    Limited slip?

    Ok I have a 2000 silverado 2wd 5.3 and it's a open diff, I wanna put a posi or limited slip in and I'm just not sure what I should do, future plans are cam, stall, and gears but that's years down the road, I just wanna get both tires spinning for the time being, what would you guys suggest I do??
  13. W

    For Sale: 1978 C10 5.3L swap project

    Back up for sale! Truck is a 1978 Chevrolet c10 silverado. Truck is very solid with a decent (red) interior. Light surface rust on hood/roof/bedrails (has great patina) Have a 2002 5.3L to drop in. LS1 car oilpan/tray/dipstick, Dirty dingo conversion mounts, Fbody long tubes, reworked...
  14. BigBoi


    Yes, I know, its not a GM. 2000 Tacoma 3.4L On the way to work this morning and my cab fills with steam. Figured I busted a hose. Nope. Top tank on radiator has a 6" long crack and is spewing steam everywhere. Fuck. Call my boss (who is an ex mechanic and a billionaire). He says limp it to our...
  15. mike.

    81 C10 swb

    Been forever since I've been on. Finally got another fullsize. 1981 C10. Plans: bags, four link, z the front. Either 22s or 24s. Something simple and reliable.
  16. S

    My 2007.5 Silverado 1500 2wd Under Construction, yea its 2wd..

    my stock ass truck with calspeed longtube headers and a 3" Y pipe with a calspeed dynamax bullet muffler and thats it.. for now!! have my Fuel NUTZ 20x12's and Federal Couragia MT's at the house just have to buy muh lift now! goin to do 410 gears with true track, custom tune, cold air, fuel...
  17. O

    WTB: Bigger Injectors

    Looking for a set of bigger injectors for my 5.3L. Just give me a shout!
  18. N

    1999 GMC RCSB 4x4 Build..4/6, motor work and much more

    Forgot all about this site so i suppose I should throw up my build over here. Bought this truck in November for $800 said and done..1999 GMC Sierra RCSB. 328k miles, running driving etc. Has paperwork up until 270k miles of oil changes and such..thing runs like a top. AC blows cold and trans...
  19. S

    Rear Mount Turbo

    Before I get bashed and told "research it" I have been alot. I just have a few questions: Is there a complete kit out there ready to fab up for a 07 nnbs sierra 5.3? If I had to build the kit myself, I'm sure there is hundreds of yall out there with the set up, would defiantly need some...
  20. TheBrettster

    How To: 4.8,5.3,6.0 Fuel Injector Swap

    Tools Needed: 10MM socket 8MM socket Small flat head (I used one for adjusting sprinklers) Petroleum Jelly ( I used unscented, didn't want my truck smelling like a used buttplug going down the road) First remove the plastic engine cover. Then remove the two 8MM bolts holding the...