1. Fairclough

    87 tube chassis, caged, body dropped, bagged blazer!

    I hate selling this, but I don't have the room for anymore projects, I have 4 right now, and the Wife told me to thin the heard! 87 chromoly tube chassis, and cage built on a jig table, new build, new bags, reverse triangulated 4 link, mounts set up for SBC, and th350, I was going to put my...
  2. Krash

    Lost 1st gear in my 6l80 with p0700

    Driving to work this morning my mil light came on. I turned around and headed back home and noticed there was no 1st gear. Abs light and trac light on get home and pull the codes In order P0700 P0856 U0121 Another u code I forgot what it was though. Anyone see anything like this ? I recently...
  3. C

    For Sale: 2010 silverado 1500 extended cab 2wd imperial blue lowered 55k miles 1 owner

    I am selling my baby, I never planned on selling, I had so many plans. I am selling because I am starting a business and could use the cash. The oil is always changed with royal purple, it is maintained early and often and is absolutely in no need of mechanical maintenance. The trucks paint and...
  4. slonlow2000

    Bagged 1999 GMC Sierra

    Interested in trading for a RCSB or a crewcab, or a stock truck and some cash. Prefer 2wd non-black trucks. Sell price is $13000, but mainly trying to trade at this point in time. 1999 GMC Sierra, 5.3 with 157000 miles, and a 4L60E with around 3000 miles on a fresh rebuild. VIN...
  5. Blackout

    Gmt800 rare/uncommon color options

    What are some of the uncommon or down right rare color options for the gmt800 trucks out there? Pics? I know there were some oddball greens and blues, ran across this the other day and it got me thinking..I know it's probably not factory but I'd like to see some of the rarer colors.. Sent...
  6. Blackout

    Procharging an lm7, need advice

    In the end, I've decided to keep my truck and start gathering parts to procharge next year. My intentions are to have a reliable daily driver running on pump gas that can really get down when I want it to at the strip one weekend and go to the sand dunes the next. I want to stay as economical...
  7. slonlow2000

    OEM GM Stepside tail lights 99-07 Silverado/Sierra

    I bought a package deal on some head lights for my sierra awhile back. They came with tail lights and turn signals. The signals were junk, and I have a fleet side bed so these wont help me too much. They have all mounted tabs for the bulbs, and all mounting clips for the screws. They clean up...
  8. B

    6.0 build cam options.

    2012 gmc Sierra crew cab 4x4 Stuff I have now / all most ready for swap Ly6 6.0 block Lq9 flat top pistons Cnc ls3 ported heads Ls3 intake manifold 1 7/8 headers with 3" exhaust I'm still haven't decided on a cam/converter this is my daily driver/street truck I'm shooting for around...
  9. c10dylan

    New from East Texas

    My names Dylan and I drive a 1986 c10 Silverado that me and my dad built last summer. I'm running a 406 small block with a th350 transmission. Nothing to extreme, it's my daily driver. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. 88GMCtruck

    Supercharger tuning + what gauges to run

    I'm hoping someone might have some input, as this is the first boosted truck I've ran. For those who know, I have a Whipple supercharger on my 98 K3500 with a 454. The current setup is 42lb injectors and a tuned Blackbox PCM by Westers in order to run the whipple on my truck. It's a canned tune...
  11. J

    2006 Silverado VMax

    I really do not want to sell this truck, but I have no room at my house nor time for this truck. I bought this truck from Zero (Will Andes) back in 2011 and only added longtubes to it. Currently the longtubes (with no cats) are installed, but I'm planning on swapping back to stock exhaust...
  12. F

    Need a Quadrasteer ECU

    Hey everyone - I am new to the forum. I own a 2005 GMC Yukon XL 2500 with Quadrasteer. It has a 600 HP compound Turbo Duramax backed by a worked over Allison 6-speed Transmission. It looks bone stock other than the slight body lift it has to allow the big trans. My problem is the Quadrasteer...
  13. TechieTruckGuy

    TechieTruckGuy's 06 WT1 (sort of)

    Well I guess I should make a build thread since I never did when I joined a couple of years ago. I bought the truck in September 2010. It was a plain w/t model with some black helo wheels on it. Since then I've done a couple of things to it. -Tint (5% on the back 3, 35% on the front, and 5%...
  14. marc

    Marc's 2007 silverado classic ccsb 4x4 1500 GFX limited canadian edition

    so as some of you might know i bought a second truck just cause it was a good deal. it is a 2007 classic silverado with only 177k km's, that is 110k miles. it has a fully loaded limited edition gfx package i think its pretty cool and also limited to Canada. plans for the near future...
  15. P

    Transmission on nnbs

    Hey everyone I'm new to this forum and I was hoping you guys can help me out I have a 2011 nnbs rcsb 4.3 4 speed tranny and I got the check engine light on so I scan it and got two codes p0700 and p0741 I'll like to know what are they and how can I repair my truck is lower front the back 6...
  16. Tiki

    For Sale: 2004 Chevrolet Silverado - Extended Cab Z71 (4x4) 5.3L

    Sold. Make: Chevrolet Model: Silverado Engine: 5.3L Drive: 4x4 Miles: 155K Options: Bose, leather, dual digital climate, power/signal mirrors Modifications: 295 STT's, Tru-Cool 40K Cooler, Mag Hytec transmission cover, Platinum Escalade cluster, Escalade Handles, 87/89 Black Bear tune, Access...
  17. 88GMCtruck

    88GMCtruck's 98 Silverado Towpig Build: "Black Fox"

    88GMCtruck's 98 Silverado Towpig Build: "Black Fox" Since I recently joined and recognize some faces I haven't seen in years, figured I would post up some backstory of my Dually. After looking at duramax trucks and not wanting to spend as much, I decided to go a different route. Here...
  18. Krash

    Sort of truck related looking for a 3200-3600 stall and some 4.10 gears

    As the title says that's what I'm looking for I have a 110cc pit bike up for trade or for sale Clutch is good Runs great New tires Have a new front master cylinder ordered Plastics are not so great a little loose from missing bolts but fixing them soon Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  19. juanr_08

    P0446,p0449,p0101 codes on 99 nbs

    Ok guys so I have these codes pop up on my truck, so I went ahead and replaced the vent valve by fuel tank, also replaced, purge valve on top of engine, as well as cleaned maf sensor, after I cleared codes, they came back up, is there any other problem than just this?
  20. S

    Sierra ecsb "build"

    "build" because nothing too serious, just a low budget daily driver Truck was completely stock and abused when i bought it a year ago. I explained everything i added/fixed in my intro thread. About a month ago it looked like this And since then I've removed step bars removed plastic...