1. A

    Deville engine coolant

    So I have a 92 deville and noticed that it was leaking coolant. I drove it around today but no leaking. But when I opened to look to see if the tank was empty it was almost overflowing. would anyone know what's going on?
  2. D

    SCG Detailed: 2010 750Li XDrive

    I had been waiting for a good 'test subject' to perform a full paint correction on using the new SCG Pro polishes and luckily this 750Li belongs to a friends dad. Lots of swirled up paint (forgotten how big these 7 series actually are) to show what the polishes are capable of and since the job...
  3. L

    4L65E tranny question

    I installed a connect and cruise in my 70 Chev C10. It has LC9 engine and 4L65E tranny. One of the wires in the harness goes to the brake switch to unlock the TCC which I have not hooked up. I have been told that 12v up the wire causes an unlock. Documentation states its for smoother...
  4. Jared

    HP Tuners Vs. EFI Live

    Well, finding a tuner can be a bitch sometimes, and while I like my BBP on my stock truck, I want to be able to have really good results on my cammed car right away, little to no down time! The two really good LS tuners in Dallas are A. expensive and B. hard to get ahold of. I'm afraid to do the...
  5. M

    New Member Need help and advice on "Totaled" Truck

    Hello folks, Im in need of some help. A few weeks ago I got into a wreck and was told that the truck was totaled by the police and tow guy. It was a 98 chevy cheyenne ext cab, v6 with 92000 original miles. It was my first vehicle ever so it had that sentimental value to it and hate havin to...
  6. 5

    5Speedsilverado's 6 Speed sierra?

    well as some of you may know, i got rid of my 06 silverado after being irritated with many things on it, so here is the new thread dedicated to the new truck. here is the readers section of truckin magazine lol new truck, pretty much every option i could get on a single cab. and yes i wanted...
  7. B

    Picking a gear ratio

    I did search first but I haven't found a definitive answer. Well I have a 2001 silverado rcsb with a 4.8 automatic. It currently has 3.42 gears. What I want to know is, what would be a good dd gear for that motor but also for a 6.0?
  8. Ricardo

    Best pistons for lq4

    Just got a 6.0 lq4 block and getting it cleaned up what pistons do you guys recommend putting on. Will at least be spraying a 200 shot. Not looking to bore just want some better pistons to hold spray or should I not even bother changing them.
  9. ITGuy

    ITGuy's 1972 Chevrolet Custom 350 C10 - Shop Truck / Noise Maker

    On a whim I purchased a 1972 Custom 350 C10 while on my way back through Vermont yesterday. I've always been a fan of the second generation trucks and stopped in to look at this shop truck. She's seen better days cosmetically with it's fender well rot, cracking bondo on the bed and a door that...
  10. C

    Sbc crew cab short bed 454 escalade

    Been building it for a week now can't wait finish the trim molding and inter Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. dszx13

    High oil pressure.

    Truck is a 09 gmc crew cab hybrid with a 6.0. Had the oil changed at the local dealership about a month ago. I noticed yesterday at 55mph my oil pressure was running at 60psi. Let off and coast an it would drop to 50. Hammer down an shoot back up to 60. Never would go higher. Any ideas?
  12. B

    sas on 06 silverado 1500

    I am planning on doing a sas on my silverado 1500 and changing outfrontout the front and rear axles and making it an 8lug can anyone give me some ideas on the best axles and transfer case
  13. P

    How can I do a high-8 kit?

    If I get a set of HID hi beams I want to do a high 8 mod. Lows,highs,fogs, and DRLs on at the same time. Any help?
  14. James

    For Sale: Three Piece Engine Covers

    Location: New Orleans Contact: James via PM Price: 80 shipped or 70 delivered at Shreveport meet As title states, selling these off of my truck, they are kinda dirty due to sitting.you will see pic all the way on left the oil piece was cut from previous owner for modified oil pump. Doesn't...
  15. Cheeny23

    Cheeny's old school 56 chevy truck

    as many of you know, i bought a 56 chevy 3600 tf 235 i6 with 4 speed on the floor. runs and drives great, leaks oil when its warm, but i really dgaf. practically all original, paint, upholstery, and rear bumper are the only non-oem things. the sierra is going to be put on the back burner for...