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Sep 29, 2014
Havent seen one of these threads on this site yet or found one so figured id start it since I could use another set of eyes for mine which will be starting soon,

Post up them pictures !
tech info would be sweet too

ill start it off by posting my favorite sas'd truck my brothers (@daveyjoness) on instagram,
05 sierra, 5.13s, pacesetter LT headers, 79 ford kingpin front 14 bolt rear 17 inches of lift 40" ss m16 tires with 22x14 fuel hostages (pics are about 3 years old)

after this all leaf lift rode like a wheel wagon and so he never got or front shaft for this set up,
We did some modding to the ORD sas kit it had and lengthened and lowered the springs amount of lift so it had a better ride then got 38" Nittos with 24" Rbp 96r I think it was wheels

Never got shocks and all parts underneath sold and its in the process of becoming a full luxury prerunner with kibbetech/fox/deaver/king parts

our buddy Omar Medina is the one that bought everything and he has had a few sasd trucks

this white truck is the same truck as the blue one above, did a full swap and the bumper looks a lot better now just don't have pics,
this guy Omar does some crazy things on a budget, built not bought.

this burban has the wheels from the white sierra I first posted and they chopped it into a megacab chevy and an older escalade clip. they call it the cowboy Cadillac

You can see what they do on facebook, He is Karma Kustoms

As for me , just picked these up today, ones for my truck and ones for my girlfriend. shes on the hunt for an s10 so I can solid axle it for her


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Jul 20, 2014
1995 silverado 79 dana 44 hp 4" springs, 1" zero rates, cross over steering, reid racing knuckles, 20x12 ions, 35 12.50 nitto trails



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Apr 16, 2012
Clarion, IA
I would do leafs if I ever swapped the 88, set of 52" bastard packs could ride and flex awesome with correct shocks


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Sep 29, 2014
it had shocks. they were painted black. That truck was build solely for mud and trails in my area. Leafs is all you need.

sorry should have deleted half of that quote wasn't talking about your truck

im cheapin out and goin for fggt leafs

at least until later when I come up on some better goodies