1. B

    For Sale: NBS parts, etc

    NBS Mirror Caps -- SOLD NBS Rancho Shocks -- SOLD NBS "Green" Keys-- SOLD 5.5" Lift Blocks -- SOLD Weld Racing Center Caps-- Weld Racing 8 lug open center caps. When I bought my Welds they came with (6) caps.... (4) closed, (2) open. No use for the open ones. They're nice, just...
  2. Fairclough

    Long tube headers for LSX swap

    I have an 01 Silverado, I am installing an LSX376 B15, I would like to run long tube headers, truck is lowered 7" from and 10" rear, I want the long tubes, because I am going with a Whipple twin screw supercharger. Thanks in advance
  3. B

    I'm new and I drive a classless 'hoe (ver.2)

    So, I joined and posted an introduction the other day, but it seems that something transpired last night and the electrical gods deemed it fit to wipe me out of the system. Probably some glitch in the Matrix, Neo ate the other pill and the lady in the red dress actually gender identifies as a...
  4. C

    For Sale: 2010 silverado 1500 extended cab 2wd imperial blue lowered 55k miles 1 owner

    I am selling my baby, I never planned on selling, I had so many plans. I am selling because I am starting a business and could use the cash. The oil is always changed with royal purple, it is maintained early and often and is absolutely in no need of mechanical maintenance. The trucks paint and...
  5. DirtyBlackHoe

    Replacement for Austin's truck...2005 Z71 Tahoe

    Well I got tired of being lowered and wanted to get into a vehicle I didn't care so much about it. I decided that for dad duty and for the price it was very hard to beat a NBS Tahoe. I plan to do some simple mods to it and keep it very "normal". Seems like the more I mess with a vehicle the less...
  6. S

    20" offset?

    Hey everyone, I have a set of wheels picked out but I am not sure if they will work. I have a 2009 Silverado with a 2/4 drop. The wheels I would like to get come in either 18mm or 00mm offset and I am not sure which would be better or if they will work at all. I would like to run a 275/55r20...
  7. S

    New from Cincinnati

    New guy here from Cincy. I have an 08 Sierra lowered on 22" TBSS replicas.
  8. velzga

    New truck questions

    Sup guys, so I am new to the 4x4 world, only been a lowered truck guy before now. So I have a 16 4x4, and plans so far are just a level and bigger tires and spacers possibly on the factory 20s. I was going to go with the top gun 2.5, but for tires should I rock a 33 or 35? Also, if I wanted the...
  9. 1

    FS: 22" intro billet wheels and custom built differential

    I am selling my 22x9 intro "El paso" wheels. They are polished lip with brushed centers. Tires are 285/35/22 pirelli's all around so these can be used for 2wd or awd/4x4 applications. They have no curb rash or bends, and are in great shape. The rears have a different offset, so if your truck is...
  10. W

    air bags

    wondering if you guys have had any luck with load leveling air bags. im not trying to tow alot just my snowmobile trailer with 2 sleds or a small car every once and a while. i lifted the truck and it sits level which i like. but with the sled trailer on it squats and makes my head lights look...
  11. T

    ::NEW MEMBER:: From Florida to Virginia

    Long time lurker... Have read tons of forum posts over the years for help on 2 of my trucks. Love the knowledge. Finally registered to post for advice. Recently moved from Florida to Richmond Virginia region, now have to find where to take my vehicles for work, alignments...
  12. TILLER

    TILLERS 2K16 Silverado build

    Well the white truck is gone and I picked this 2016 Silverado up, single cab 5.3L with just about everything you can get in a single cab Plans are 4/6 or 4/7 drop on 24s with some basic mods to clean it up and then just drive the shot out of it and enjoy it Already have windows tinted 5%...
  13. B

    Lowered 4wd. DAKOTA GET IN HERE!!

    Some things happebed abd it looks like I'll be waiting on bagging the cc. Got most the parts but just can't install right now so I'm going to drop it. Just want to make sure the 2500 keys will lower the truck. Im going to run spindles and keys up front. Also what are you guys doing about bump...
  14. Nick

    Nicks '97 Chevy RCSB

    Been out the truck scene for a while and wanted a project to work on to get back into it. My first truck was a 1997 Chevy RCSB that I regretfully sold 6 years ago so I was in the market for another one. Found this one in NOLA, was in good shape so I bought it and drove it back home 2 hours away...
  15. M

    2010 Silverado Z71 18" Wheels & Tires for Sale

    Hi guys, I have 4 2010 Z71 18" Wheels with 265/65R18 Bridgestone Dueler AT tires for sale. The tires have about 45,000 miles on them but have been rotated often and still have a good amount of tread left. Also, the wheels have a chrome cover on the front. I am asking $400 OBO. I am located...
  16. B

    1999-2016 helper bag for sale.

    I'm selling some helper bags been on my truck for a bout 3 months I'm doing complete airbag system so I don't need them anymore. I still have them on my truck will take them off by next Friday our if they sell before. New they cost $290 I'm asking . $215 lowered 48 states with family/friend...
  17. roundsy

    roundsy's 2015 silverado rcsb z71 4x4

    Here's the new project, a 2015 Chevy Silverado LT2 Z71 4x4 regular cab short box in Deep Ocean Blue Metallic (I know, another blue 15 rcsb from Ontario...sorry Pat ;P ). My father spec'd the truck the exact way I would have ordered it last spring, every option available in a regular cab. He put...
  18. F

    Frosty's intro to fourm and build thread!

    What's up all.. Names Ben aka Frosty.. In La sport area.. 30 yo Rolling a nbs eclb Silverado 2500hd.. Mgs 7/10 lift with 3" body lift on 22s and toyo 37s.. My reflector scraper a 04 nbs ecsb Silverado 1500 Ls. Mgs 5/7 flip kit rear on 18 to drive at moment.. Plans to bag it on 26s and in the...
  19. L

    New Member from Houston, TX

    What's up everyone! I've been floating around the forum for a bit and decided to sign up. Currently I have a 2012 GMC Sierra RCSB v8 that I'll be dropping at least 4/6 soon, then getting 22's when I decide on a set. I also had a 1995 two door Tahoe on 33's back in high school, along with a...
  20. S

    Cost of alignment on lowered truck?

    So just got my 4/7 and ready for alignment, I remember when they were $60 but been calling around and $89-$120!!! Wtf lol I also have spring spindles in front and flip in back. Any shops give you a bad time about alignment? Had one quote $60 then say that's for a "basic"...