1. slicksierra

    Important!: Adams Polishes/ Official Mystery Box Thread!

    So as many of you, two days ago Adams had hands down the best daily special I have seen yet. The mystery box, listed at $25.00 is guaranteed to contain at least $40.00 in retail products but select boxes will contain up to $100.00 in retail products! Then to spice it up even more other boxes...
  2. JennaBear

    2013 Silverado LTZ

    As of this morning, here she stands: [/IMG] Ordered her over a month ago, and picked her up last week. Already got LineX'd, and a BakFlip F1. Just about done with the 87 in the gas tank and the mods shall begin!
  3. G

    Finally, some good reverse light LEDs

    Since LEDs have come such a long way, it was time some good reverse applications had come out. In James Pate's truck build thread, he posts these: claiming they are plenty bright. Well, he also has some big LEDs hangin from his bumper...
  4. DemoN

    Because Race Truck

    Some of you already know of it and may already be on the page...But i started a FB page called Because Race Truck. It's going pretty strong with 4000+ likes and i'm pretty excited about the growth. I still consider CGM my "home" site...and would be proud to throw out CGM and CGM members love...
  5. silverado469

    Silverado469's '07 NNBS ECSB Silverado

    never really made an official build thread, but here are the stages my truck has gone through in the last 2 years when I first got it, completely stock next was RC 2" leveling kit plasti-dipped the stock wheels black then messed around with the headlights and added a...
  6. fortplainman

    Carlisle All Truck Nationals 2012

    buddies truck who had a buncha new custom stuff: