Flashing battery light after multiple mods at once, help!?


May 13, 2015
Truck in question is a 99 2wd Sierra. I had my trans let loose so I had to pull it to rebuild. At that time I figured I would do a few mods at the same time to save on down time. Here's a list of what all was done.

Rebuilt trans (original was rebuilt)
Pcm tune by blackbear (original was sent in and sent back)
Speed engineering lt's
Deleted egr, rear o2's, and cats

Yesterday was the 1st start in over a month. The battery is a optima yellow top that's only a few months old and was pulled from the truck when I lost the trans and sat on my work bench. Volt meter is reading just above 14 and everything is working correctly. I drove it around for a hour yesterday. I've looked over all my wiring around the headers and nothing looks disturbed. Any ideas?