1. H

    Hulknastys 12 Denali Duramax Build

    Hey guys, As some of you may know I traded off my blue 06 lbz a couple weeks ago. Here is the new daily. 2012 Denali Duramax. Black on black. Came with every option except the rear tv. 50k miles on the clock and is exceptionally clean since it came from the las vegas area. Plans so far are...
  2. Connor

    Cluster Repair

    Has anyone ever shipped out their nbs cluster to be rebuilt? The battery gauge crapped out on me a while back, but now my speedo is acting up. I could replace the steppers myself, but I'm not that comfortable with electronic repair. I tried to replace an iphone screen a couple years ago, fried...
  3. Sac_Jeep

    Sac's 00' RCSB

    Well here is my newest project... 2000 RCSB 4.3L w/ 5 Speed That's all the pictures I have it now as I'm currently in Africa working.. Thankfully I have brothers all over the place as I'm a SeveredTies Petitioner in Louisiana and the truck was for sale in Jennings so Stu picked it...
  4. F

    New Member from Southern Indiana

    I just joined, looking for any tips/tricks and such for what I'm working on. I've got two vehicles, kinda trying to sell one or the other to fix the one I keep up for myself. Currently, I've got a running 1962 Chevy Corvair Monza 900. Wonderful car, mostly original, only replaced the gas...
  5. N

    2016 L83 5.3, 6L80E, & rearend (+harness, computer, and pedal)

    Bought this for one of my father in law's project cars but it looks like he may have found a different motor for it. Was said to have 8k miles on it, and looks almost new. Asking $4000 for the motor, trans, rear end, and computer/harness/pedal.
  6. Dakota

    1998 Blue-green Chameleon trans am

    Listing this for my dad. He doesn't really want to sell the car but his transfer case went out on his truck and he needs the extra cash to fix it. It is a 1998 Blue-green Chameleon t-top trans am with a ws6 hood. The body is in really good shape other than some surface scratches. The car has...
  7. Malikk Loftis

    For Sale: Have a 2002 Avalanche

    please add location per forum rules :read:
  8. slonlow2000

    Flashing battery light after multiple mods at once, help!?

    Truck in question is a 99 2wd Sierra. I had my trans let loose so I had to pull it to rebuild. At that time I figured I would do a few mods at the same time to save on down time. Here's a list of what all was done. Rebuilt trans (original was rebuilt) Pcm tune by blackbear (original was...
  9. slonlow2000

    4l60e Install help?

    Heres my situation, lost 2/4/reverse in my trans several weeks ago. Fianlly got the stupid thing out after following a how to over on Now is there a how to for installing? I had to buy new torque converter to flywheel bolts due to mine having a allen head center only. Do those bolts have...
  10. A

    For Sale: 4L60e torque converter new

    Located In Lodi, Ca shipping can be arranged. I have for sale a roadrunner, brand new, reman converter with 2400 rpm stall, similar to the trailblazer I-6 converter. Fits any ls based engine with a 4l60, 65, 70e trans. Bought it a few years ago and never installed, only opened the box. Im...
  11. Blackout

    Truck needs rings.. Or should I 6.0?

    My 03 5.3 uses about a quart of oil per thousand miles. And trans is weak. Would it be more economical to 6.0/4l80e swap it or rebuild the 5.3? Edit: Keep in mind I'm planning on tradong it for a 6.4 superduty or an lmm next year Sent from my leather heated ass
  12. 88GMCtruck

    Supercharger tuning + what gauges to run

    I'm hoping someone might have some input, as this is the first boosted truck I've ran. For those who know, I have a Whipple supercharger on my 98 K3500 with a 454. The current setup is 42lb injectors and a tuned Blackbox PCM by Westers in order to run the whipple on my truck. It's a canned tune...
  13. G

    My 70' Nova SS

    This is going to be a thread where I just post the same picture every week and complain about never driving it and cleaning it every time it exits the driveway
  14. PipeDreams

    Another GM junkie....

    I've been tinkering with GM's since I picked up an 04 Impala SS almost 10 years ago. My current money pit is an 07 TBSS. Too many mods to list. I drag race it and drive it on nice days. Ran 11's last year but it's getting a cage and new blower for this season. It's currently at the welder's but...
  15. J

    Garret Turbo Charger for 2005 Duramax

    Hi! I have been thinking of adding a turbo charger on my ride. After a lot of research, I have decided to install the Garret PoweMax Turbo Stage 1 turbo charger on ride The the gm spare parts dealer will be helping me to get this done...
  16. A

    FNG from indiana

    Just found this place. Have an 07 burb with the crappy afm 5.3. Was wondering about a 6.0 swap. Gas mileage wouldn't be much worse. Has a160k miles on it and is using a quart of oil in about 2k miles. Also have a couple duramax's as well.
  17. Slow05CC

    Vibrations After Flip Kit

    So this weekend I installed a flip kit on my 2005 crew cab Silverado! Looks insane, but has a vibration ( go figure right? ) I have a 3* shim in it right now and there is not vibration while city driving ( as far as I can tell anyway ) but there is a vibration at wide open throttle from...
  18. S

    new guy

    Hey everyone I am not new to forums, or even nee to automobiles. Iv grown up and spent a lot of my time (and money) on cars. My grandfather used to drag race, and owned a machine shop. My father has been a mehanic his whole life as well. Its in my blood, its a passion of mine I hope to one day...
  19. marc

    Marc's 2007 silverado classic ccsb 4x4 1500 GFX limited canadian edition

    so as some of you might know i bought a second truck just cause it was a good deal. it is a 2007 classic silverado with only 177k km's, that is 110k miles. it has a fully loaded limited edition gfx package i think its pretty cool and also limited to Canada. plans for the near future...
  20. Slow05CC

    Building My First LS Motor... Looking For Opinions

    Some of you know I bought a LS1 long block and was looking at rebuilding it for my 2005 Silvy CCSB. After doing some reading and research I decided to get rid of it. I traded the block and crank for a 2002 5.3 block and crank, so I still have all the LS1 pistons and stuff. I have built many...