For Sale: 00-06 tahoe fender flares Bermuda Blue Metallic complete set

Wicked Mayhem

Mar 15, 2012
Just removed the fender flares off my 2005 tahoe. 69k miles on flares. In good shape. Could be cleaned up easy enough and look brand new again. Prefer to not ship these as it would be a pain in the ass. Also looking to sell them as a complete set unless i find people at the same time to take fronts and rears. Color is bermuda blue metallic. Fronts will work on any 99-07c nbs, and rears will only work on nbs tahoes.

300$ for the whole set. I cant find many sets for sale so if thats insanely high ill lower it. Located in dickinson tx, roughly 20 min south of houston. Will drive and meet if the price is right.

I can get closer up pics if needed. Couple of reflections look like scratches.

Call/text or PM me on here 83two-226-157five