1. B

    For Sale: NBS parts, etc

    NBS Mirror Caps -- SOLD NBS Rancho Shocks -- SOLD NBS "Green" Keys-- SOLD 5.5" Lift Blocks -- SOLD Weld Racing Center Caps-- Weld Racing 8 lug open center caps. When I bought my Welds they came with (6) caps.... (4) closed, (2) open. No use for the open ones. They're nice, just...
  2. wretched73

    WTB 6.0 and 4x4 4L80E

    My 5.3 is on its way out so I'm looking to start gathering parts for a 6.0/4L80E swap. I'm in Jackson which is Central NJ. I'm more interested in getting the 6.0 first. Let me know what is available, I'd be willing to drive 2-3 hours to meet up if necessary.
  3. T

    For Sale: 20x10 cheyennes 6x5.5 $1700

    just wanting to step up to 22s and get some wheels i can run at the track on my truck. I got them from somebody in here and they were in great shape and still are, just dirty in pics, will meet, text for quicker response 601-946-3491 Located in Jackson, MS
  4. ScottyBoy

    NBS parts: DL3 mirrors, door handles, E-fan Harness

    I have some NBS parts that I am not doing anything with, so they are up for sale. I have a complete OEM E-fan harness from a 2006 truck. This is a direct fit for any 03-04 to add E-Fans or you can wire up an additional relay so that this will work on a 99-02 truck. This has the relay block that...
  5. F

    Frosty's intro to fourm and build thread!

    What's up all.. Names Ben aka Frosty.. In La sport area.. 30 yo Rolling a nbs eclb Silverado 2500hd.. Mgs 7/10 lift with 3" body lift on 22s and toyo 37s.. My reflector scraper a 04 nbs ecsb Silverado 1500 Ls. Mgs 5/7 flip kit rear on 18 to drive at moment.. Plans to bag it on 26s and in the...
  6. Jared

    Camaro SS wheels with tpms and tires

    I'm looking to sell my camaro wheels and tires. A few people showed interest and I've held off posting them but none have responded back lately. So the group can have at it. I'll be completely honest and upfront with the buyer. Rear passenger has a slight leak. 10lbs over 3-4 days. I bought...
  7. B

    01' Burb' Build.....

    Well.... Meet the new "project"! :thumbsup: As most of you know, the RCSB was totaled back in early March. Since then, I'd been back DDing the HD. I enjoyed driving it again. But, as always, I was itching for a replacement DD to keep the mileage/wear/tear off the HD. Once the dust...
  8. T

    For Sale: Silverado 20s

    I think 900obo is a fair price for these but im open to offers. Located in Jackson ms will meet to an extent just want them gone. Tread is decent.
  9. Low01silveradO

    ISO 06-07 Silverado hood (or 2005 2500hd)ASAP

    I need to buy a 06-07 Silverado hood ASAP. Cash in hand will buy immediately. Any color. I'm located in Pride, LA. I'll meet wherever. Sent from my Nexus 5X using Tapatalk
  10. T

    33" Toyo M/T

    I have a set of 33x12.50r18 toyo mt for sale. They have around 15 k miles on them. Really don't want to ship but I am located around Jackson/ byram ms and I am willing to meet up. 900 obo
  11. D

    OEM Tahoe 20's. North Texas. $500

  12. c10dylan

    New from East Texas

    My names Dylan and I drive a 1986 c10 Silverado that me and my dad built last summer. I'm running a 406 small block with a th350 transmission. Nothing to extreme, it's my daily driver. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. SMiGGs

    Anyone do their own Tuning?

    Whats up cgm family. Looking to pick up a new hobby aside from my career. I would like to do my own tuning, and eventually stem out, and help others. Had my 6.2 Liter tuned by 3 different tuners, and honestly i just do not feel like ive gained anything. Is it just me, i literally run full...
  14. TechieTruckGuy

    TechieTruckGuy's 06 WT1 (sort of)

    Well I guess I should make a build thread since I never did when I joined a couple of years ago. I bought the truck in September 2010. It was a plain w/t model with some black helo wheels on it. Since then I've done a couple of things to it. -Tint (5% on the back 3, 35% on the front, and 5%...
  15. C

    2015 Semen Trok Build Thread

    Well the people that follow me on IG know that I bought Rocky's truck. Since a majority of anything I'd ever want to do to a truck is already done to it I don't plan on changing a ton of things. Things I've ordered: Chrome Handles, Chrome Sill trim (fuck off I like how the Denali's look)...
  16. Cleanoh4

    Cleanoh4's Usually Clean 2004

    Sitting here with lots of nervous energy today and I realized I never started a build thread ( not that I've done a whole lot in comparison to some), plus I figure it'll give me a place to post up questions/things that wont get lost as easy. Details: 2004 Chevrolet Silverado Z71 - bought...
  17. B

    2006 LEgacy Gt Spec B #73/500

    AMERICANS TAKE ADVANTGE OF OUR POOR DOLLAR. I can help import it for you, i have done it before. Year, Make and Model: 2006 Legacy Gt Spec B Color: Silver Miles: 59,250 miles Transmission: 5MT Title: Clean Lien: none Location: Ontario, canada. Will meet over border for pickup VIN...
  18. J


    Hello everyone! Nice to meet you all)
  19. S

    new guy

    Hey everyone I am not new to forums, or even nee to automobiles. Iv grown up and spent a lot of my time (and money) on cars. My grandfather used to drag race, and owned a machine shop. My father has been a mehanic his whole life as well. Its in my blood, its a passion of mine I hope to one day...
  20. Zach.

    For Sale: 99-06/07 NBS parts/airbag parts Bakersfield Ca

    Everything's sold. Please delete