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    I need a test subject.

    the only reason I said what I said is because of smith,Did not know he was your room mate just thought he knew you.
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    I need a test subject.

    They must not trust his handwork... I would do it since I have no need for my tail gate in the winter but just don't know .
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    Pre-Winter Garage Clean out

    What kinda reels ate those and what are the rods?
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    Removal of Window Rain Spots *Cheap and Easy*

    I know it smells like crap but I have always used white vinegar to get spots of Windows
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    Adam's 2012 Winter Photo Contest: ENTER TO WIN A $150 GIFT CERTIFICATE!!

    Yea we might get like 4 inches and that in late January or early February. That's a big might
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    More Shiny!

    I swear I've seen this some where else,but none the less it looks great man
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    what else should i do?

    ^ true.
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    Discussion: 2011 HD Swap Info and Pics

    Alright guys I have a question but first. I got the hd hood on and I got the hd hood trim molding for free but it was the wrong year nothing lined up at all I mean nothing so I'm going to have to buy one. My question is what is the right part number for the 07-09 hd hood trim? Reason im asking...
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    Discussion: 2011 HD Swap Info and Pics

    Thanks bro's I'm going to paint like I said I was just need to get a few extra things trying to decide also if I want to get the bumper also.
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    Discussion: 2011 HD Swap Info and Pics

    I have no clue I was going to paint everything then I have had three people tell me to keep it how it looks now .
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    2006 Silverado hood needed

    Hit me with a pm I know where one is
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    Discussion: 2011 HD Swap Info and Pics

    Here it is I just need to get the chrome hood trim and paint it at my shop.
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    Deer piss his shit dude grow a pair man
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    Discussion: 2011 HD Swap Info and Pics

    Hey guys its been a while anyways I finally found a hood for $250 in the box 2 hours away I'm going today or Monday to get it. Any good advice on how to in stall it ? Thanks rtm355
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    Important!: PAINTERS Come in!

    I know that but not everyone does Always helps anyways . Also don't soak it for hours that will break down the packing