Original radio


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Feb 3, 2018
Hey guys, so I have a 92 obs Silverado. It has an after market stereo where the old cassette player used to be and that one I don’t use cause I use a Bluetooth speaker that connects to the lighter port, but I wanted to hook the original radio back up just to use the clock and have the lights work when the sun goes down, I like the look. I’ll eventually get a touch screen stereo in the future but I wanted to know what cables id need to connect to use the old stereo clock. Thanks I’m advance.


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Apr 16, 2012
Clarion, IA
You’d have to get creative wiring it because the original radio head is just a controller and display for the actual radio module under the dash. Orange wire on the adapter harness should be the dimmer switch and have power when the dash lights are on. I’d get a new aftermarket headunit that does what you want rather than installing the factory one. Plenty of radios do auto dimming for night and you can change the display to show the clock