1. TwistedWrangler

    Wheel help

    I need to make up my mind. Can someone put these tahoe wheels and black KMC wheels on this truck with a slight drop (2/4). Thanks is advance. Old man isnt any good with photoshop!
  2. wretched73

    Photoshop help

    Just like everyone else, i'm curious what my truck will look like with different rims. This is my truck now (different tries, same rims) What would these look like? and these Thanks!
  3. Khaos

    99-02 PW/PL Switch Wiring Question

    I'm going to be converting my '04 WT to power windows and locks (but not mirrors) using 99-02 panels and switches, due to the switches having internal relays and not needing to go through a BCM. I am also going to be running an exhaust cutout. My idea is to use the unused power mirror...
  4. B

    Need a photoshop please

    As the title says, looking to see what my girlfriends srx would look like slammed. We have been looking for a static drop forever for it but have pretty much given up. A buddy who sells and installs air ride parts can do air dynamic struts and Accuair elevel so we are kinda leaning towards that...
  5. THE Mook

    Mook Needs a Sig Please

    Morning, I sucks at the Photoshop. I would like a custom sig if someone has time and is so inclined. I have the artwork and the idea, just no tools or education on how to execute it...kinda like I am an engineer huh DemoN. Thanks! PM me, we can go from there.
  6. B

    Wheel chop

    Wondering if someone can do a quick chop so I can see which set of wheels I like better on my nnbs. Still have no idea what I wanna run for wheels but wanna do 22s or 24s and was leaning towards dub futures or tbss reps with a machined face. My turd Wheel choices so far
  7. J_Corr

    How to: Remove rusted beat up rotors

    Found this vid and thought this would b ea good place for it...
  8. TheBrettster

    I got an email from their "marketing department" by someone named Venus "cool name, not". Basically they do not want ANY links what so ever to be on our website. Just a heads up, also I wouldn't patronize from them at all.