Turbo 6.2 HVAC issue some help plz


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Feb 3, 2011
I just finished installing an 80mm Turbo on my 6.2 2011 Silverado. After getting all the issues worked out besides my faulty MAF, my truck for some reason blows hot air AC on or Off its still hot. At first I thought maybe it was the intercooler blocking airflow into the engine, but I cold started this morning with no engine heat and hot air still came out. Compressor kicks on too for the AC. Either way when I have it on the coldest setting, no AC, it blows hot air like if it was on the hottest setting.

I checked all the HVAC fuses and everything was good. No hoses are touching the turbo in the engine bay. Could there be a connector I missed some where? I checked everything and everything was plugged in.

I'd appreciate some help, I'm lost on this one.


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Jan 23, 2011
Shot in the dark, but sounds like the blend door (common NBS problem) is stuck open. Resetting the battery/cycling the ignition was a temporary fix.