Set of 4 Painted White NBS handles


Bun B, Baracca, Beezer
Jan 24, 2011
Thomasville, GA
I bought these to put on my crew cab truck, but have since changed wheels and want to go with Escalade style handles. There is only peeling on the one handle that is in the pictures. It is the drivers front. Just trying to get my money back so that I can do something different.

I'd like to get $80 for them because I have more than that in them.

49897344_10103260678611183_2949180121757515776_n.jpg 49899630_10103260678701003_5050891341211369472_n.jpg 49949091_10103260678656093_8541605201918820352_n.jpg 50314593_10103260678601203_4744706966675259392_n.jpg 50416158_10103260678681043_2308317730714943488_n.jpg