RCSB 4x4 ride quality - Belltech Shock Review


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Feb 9, 2012
Sudbury, ON
This is more of a general statement, and honestly could also fit into Lifting Tech, but I'm lowered.

One thing that I have always complained about was the shitty ride quality of my RCSB on the Rancho shocks that the Z71 package is "graced" with. I find my father's '15 ECSB All Terrain Z71 rides much better, oddly enough with the same part number of shocks, which tells me that they're valved for the heavier trucks, and my tip off is that my truck would ride BEAUTIFULLY with either my ATV or snowmobile in the bed.

My 2" DJM LCA's allow me to run a stock strut, and while I was looking at Bilstein, my wallet pointed me towards these:


You can achieve 2" of drop, or lift with these struts, hence why I mentioned that this thread could end up in the lifting tech thread as well. Currently they're set to stock height​

I also have tese out back: https://www.belltech.com/products/b...truts/belltech-street-performance-2210ff.html

All I can say is the truck rides IMMENSELY better. It still feels firm, but I actually have a fighting chance of keeping coffee in a to-go cup in my cupholders now. The truck used to flex over rough pavement, enough so that the tops of the doors "slapped" the cab, and hitting a pothole with a rear tire usually caused the truck to get loose on the highway, even when doing the flip kit, my buddy who is a licenced mechanic couldn't believe how stiff the rear shocks were when he was compressing them to bolt them back up to the axle. Every ride/handling characteristic that annoyed me about this truck is all but gone. Don't get me wrong, if the bump is big enough I'm still going to end up wearing my coffee, but at that point I really can't complain.

For the money that I spent on the shocks, It's hands down one of the best things that I have done to this truck since buying it.