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Mar 8, 2012
Central Jersey
Anyone looking for a good headlights restoration kit for mildly hazy or oxidized headlights Meguairs 2 step found locally is a good kit

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Feb 8, 2011
What is everyone buying for polishing pads now?

I've got a Porter Cable and just doing general polishing every once in awhile.

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Jan 25, 2011
Northern California
Since i moved I needed a new pressure washer and took this time to upgrade my set up.

Purchased a SunJoe SPX4000 Pressure washer. Has a low/high pressure setting which is pretty nice. I plan to eventually wall mount this near my softener for easier access.

Here it is in its original state.

I scrapped the SunJoe hose as its was short and not what i wanted, also scrapped the wand. I replaced it with an MTM short handle and added a swivel QD for it as well as front QD for my attachments.

With that i added a QD to my hose to reach out to the pressure washer until i wall mount it. Probably add a reel here so its cleaner and less messy.

Using the 40* tip on the small wand with the swivel was amazing. It was much lighter and easier and more controlled. I highly recommend it. I used the low pressure setting the pre rinse the vehicle and wash the wheels and tires. Bumped it to high pressure for the foam cannon. Which overall resulted into a much thicker lather and better spray overall. It was also much easier to use and spray the cannon with the short attachment.

This was 2oz of soap

Big fan of the new set up.
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Jan 28, 2011
Nice! Prob haven’t used my power washer in 4 years since I’ve been apt living.

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Mar 28, 2015
Need one of those shorty handles. I hate how long mine is. I might be able to canibalize one of the old ones kicking around at work to do it.

Shipment from Cali came in the other day.
Actually almost forgot I ordered it, but I had preordered the Highlite spray wax from Kieth/ Cencal trucks. I mostly wanted it for the black ice scent and that it says cencal trucks on the bottle. Fight me.

However it actually performed pretty well. Went on very easy and after driving through a rainstorm it beaded very well. It's only been a few days so this weekend I'll have an idea on durability, from 410 highway miles plus some assorted around town driving.

Only thing was, my bottle was not as vibrant as the sample pictures from kieth's instagram. I didn't even notice it but he mentioned it when I messaged him about the product. Next batch is sure to be much more yellow. Overall so far I like it, it's a different color, it's made in the USA, it's a nice scent, and it's supporting a small guy. Refreshing to see something on my shelf that isn't Adams/Chemical Guys/Meguiars/Griots/Lucas/etc
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