NP 241 questions


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Nov 27, 2017
I am doing automatic 4L60E swap to a NV3500. A little background the NV3500 is from a 93 Chevy 1/2 with a NP 241 transfer case and the 4L60E is a 96 Chevy 1500 I also have a NP 241 with it now after trying to install the 96 NP241 I realized that it is a 27 spline the 93 is a 32 spline that actually went to the NV3500. Now my question would just swapping the input shafts on the transfer cases work or would we need to do a a complete swap on the transfer cases to make it all work? 93 belongs to my dad who lives in Texas and the 96 (my truck) is in Wyoming so it's kinda hard to just pull things and compare on the spot. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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