Minor changes to the forum


Canuck Admin
Staff member
Feb 9, 2012
Sudbury, ON
Some of you may have noticed some shuffling of child forums in the ROTM and ROTM Hall of fame area, it's just me changing things around to keep track of winners every year when it comes calendar time. I ran into an issue where I accidentally messaged a few winners from past years looking for photos. :fp: oops.

ALSO, an issue we've been having was the post character/size limit, and double post merges conflicting with one another. To get rid of this problem I excluded both the Tech Article & How-To, as well as the Under Construction forums from the Double Post merge rule. The initial reason of the double post merges was to keep clutter out of threads, so heading forward, we'll see how badly build threads become cluttered from people double posting. Just remember folks, the EDIT button works wonders.