LQ4 Swap Done. Vid Inside.


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Jul 28, 2013
Kansas City, MO
Finally got my first ever motor and cam swap done. Still have some other issues to address and work out. This is after a quick tune. It's now throwing P0200 so I gotta figure the injector circuit bs out. Here's a little 60-100 pull. Definitely more power in this 6.0l than my old 5.3l. Should pick up a few more hp once it's fully dyno tuned.

2003 6.0l
TSP220 cam
PAC springs
Hardened pushrods
Ported LS6 oil pump
LS2 timing setup
ASP Underdrive pulley
05+ E-fans
CalSpeed lt headers
Hacked up single 3" exhaust- aeroturbine muffler
Ported throttle body
Spectre intake
Yank TT3000
Vette servo
TruCool 40k

still on 33" Toyos with 3:73s :(

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