GMC Owner
Mar 28, 2012
Hey guys, looking for input from fellows a little more knowledgeable than myself.
I may be able to get a used L76 from an '08 suburban I believe and want to know what you all think is needed to make it work in an '02 truck? Looking to keep the original wiring harness and pcm from my truck, delete dod and vvt, and make a reliable 450 hp from it. I know for starters i have to swap the cam gear to 1x and 3 bolt and swap the reluctor wheel on the crank from 58x to 24x, or possibly be easier just to swap the crank to one from a junkyard 5.3/6.0?
Ive seen stuff about oil pumps being okay or not being reliable, not sure what head gaskets to run, etc? I am interested in this engine because of the much better flowing heads, intake and aluminum block, however I think I would still be money ahead of building an l76 just for the heads and rotating assembly vs having to buy new heads and tbss intake for an lq4 and starting from scratch.

So can anyone help with cam and spring choices, swap parts needed, and parts that should be replaced, or just run with them. I will have to find out how many miles are on the engine too.
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