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Apr 24, 2012
Nor Cal
J.mo's pile of junk super duty build

I didn't make a thread on my silverado, so I guess I'll make a thread on my tow pig 06 F-350

Silverado is awesome after the cam and heads, but it doesn't quite fit the bill comfortable to tow the boat. So I picked this up.

Little backstory on the truck- 1 owner, older gentleman. New car trade for a '14 f350.
Truck was purchased sight unseen based on description of auction. "Crew cab lariat" was the description. It was a clean truck, and the price was hard to pass.
Anyway, picked up the truck, it's a damn extended cab. But in great shape, during my fit of rage I popped the hood to give her a look over after seeing the pillar gauges. And guess WHAT.

She's ARP studded, bulletproof diesel egr cooler, oil filter relocation kit, bulletproof diesel oil cooler, aftermarket turbo, all the goodies a 6.0 needs.
Also has AFE cold air, AFE intake elbow, 4" turbo back mbrp and a few other things I'm forgetting
So I decided to keep it.

Ordered and en route-
22x14 962s and toyo mt 37s
Black paintable grill
08 tail lights
Morimoto 5k hid kit
Drl/parking light/turn signal 5k LEDs
Black billet ford badges
8" lift kit

Currently researching/prepping to order -
Turbo. Most likely a garret powermax or gt4088
Possible 08 front clip
Sinnister 58v FICM

This is going to be a fairly quick build. Color matching should be done next week, and with 08 mirrors, 08 tailgate and bumpers. 5% tint.

Original plan was a 600hp build, but that requires pulling the cab, DNW at this moment. 500-550 is easily attainable, so I believe that's where we may land until I pull the cab down the road to really beef it up. The motor work done already has saved me about $6k and probably 20-30hrs of labor

Will add more as plans and ideas develop. This truck is like learning a new language. In a couple weeks it should be :notbad: looking
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Apr 24, 2012
Nor Cal
ext cab? meh

Was pretty upset about it. But the interior is flawless. I took the seat covers off, looks like the seats have never been sat on. And I don't have kids, or haul the neighborhood around. So I'll deal with it. The head studs and bulletproofing being done already is a HUGE plus. Meaning I don't have to pull the cab.
Also has power extend pedals for the gf to drive it. Lol


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Jan 27, 2011
Gainesville, Ga
Really sucks about it not being CC, they're kinda goofy proportioned stock. But I've never seen one lifted/cen-cal'd so I'm interested to see how it turns out. Plans sound good and that is awesome how bullet proofed it already is


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Apr 23, 2014
West Money, La
Nice and clean :thumbsup:

I like clean and simple sick'os. Guess this one can't be called that though. What turbo is on it? Also did you get any paper work on who did the precautionary mods?

Wish the kids around here who got 6.0's would actually fix them up instead of just making them look like a mudd bawgin trok.. and a :shitmobile: