How To: "PPE" Airbox Mod


May 23, 2012
Injun Territory
Alright, so I got bored a couple weeks ago and decided to cut the fins out of my oem air box. Its pretty straight forward but heres the pics.


Here you'll see the box with the maf on the intake tube. I removed the maf by unscrewing the two t15 torx screws holding it in place, unscrewed the airbox lid, and loosened the two band clamps holdin the tube to the box and elbow.



Now, pull the airbox from the lower support.


This os what you're removing. To minimize debris, i took the box out and was careful to leave the rubber flap intact while cutting the fins from the perimeter of the hole. Doing this allows you to take the fin assembly out in one piece. I used dikes and did clean up with my pocket knife. Be extra mindful to clean the airbox.


Cleaned box inlet. Note I left tge rubber flap attached. I guess you could detach that incase you want to reattach with fins in tact, but with less filtration i thought it best to keep engine bay debris from entering the top.

Reverse steps to put everything back together, and be extra careful not to get the maf dirty. This is also a good time to clean it if it's been awhile.

This mod is supposedly good for increased flow and more "whistle". I could vaguely tell I had more whistle but i did notice I'm average almost a full mpg better in my normal driving. City 16-17, hwy 18-21. All depending on speed, hills/lack of, etc. If needed I'd be glad to take additional pics. Good luck and I do not take responsibility for any damages thay may be incurred.

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