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Feb 9, 2012
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Welcome to!

At CGM we have these simple rules. Please abide by them and enjoy your stay.

NOTE: Staff at reserve the right to amend the rules at any time, as necessary.

Rule 1: Racism and homophobic slurs

  • Absolutely NO racism or homophobic slurs. Such remarks will result in an immediate temporary ban without warning. Reoccurring racist behavior will result in a permanent ban.

At CustomGM, we use a "3 strikes and you're out" policy. Breaching any of the following rules will result in a warning. 3 warnings will result in a temporary ban, and any further warnings after the expiration of the temporary ban will result in a permanent ban.

  • The duration of the temporary ban is to be determined by staff.
  • If you break multiple rules at once, you will receive multiple warnings all at once.

Rule 2: Trolling

  • No trolling outside of the lounge. ESPECIALLY in build, classified, and introduction threads.
  • Addtionally, any members that retaliate when being trolled outside of the lounge will be considered a troll themselves. Do not exacerbate the issue.
  • Do not spam the chatbox with smilies. You will receive a temporary chatbox ban, and recurring incidents will result in a permanent chatbox ban.

Rule 3: NSFW content

  • NO NSFW (Not Safe For Work) Content outside of the NSFW subforum in the lounge
  • Any NSFW links in the ChatBox MUST be posted with "NSFW" before the link.

Rule 4: Harassment, abuse, attacks

  • Verbal abuse, personal attacks, or harassment will not be tolerated anywhere on the forum.
  • Harassment is by definition a form of discrimination that involves any unwanted verbal behavior that offends or humiliates someone, and that persists over time.
  • Blatant disrespect of staff will not be tolerated. Punitive measures will be based on the severity of the incident.

Rule 5: Duplicate accounts or using a friend's account

  • When handed a temporary ban you are not to create a duplicate account to circumvent the ban.
  • If you are found to be using a duplicate account while on a temporary ban, your ban will be extended by a minimum of 3 months, and the duplicate account will be banned.
  • You are not to log in with a friend's account in order to circumvent a ban. Temporary ban will be extended by a minimum of 3 months, and your friend's account will be banned temporarily for a minimum of 3 months as well.
  • Repeat offences will result in a permanent IP ban.
  • All accounts used to circumvent a permanent ban will also be banned.

Rule 6: Duplicate threads and posts

  • Do not post multiple identical threads on the forum. This includes threads that are in the same section, different sections, and under different titles with identical content.
  • Do not attempt to derail threads using multiple posts with similar, or identical content.

Rule 7: Abuse of the "Report Post" feature

  • All Vbulletin powered forums have a report feature. The button is located in the lower left corner of each post.
  • The report post button is only to be used to report posts that are in violation of these rules.
  • Multiple reports of posts that do not violate the rules and regulations herein are considered an abuse of the feature.

All staff members are expected to abide by these rules as well.

If you require any further clarification on these rules, please feel free to message any of our staff members.

Color codes are as follows:
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