Adding LS6 valley cover and catch can to 03 silverado, need some help.


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May 23, 2014
Had to pull the intake off to fix the knock sensors, so I decided to do the TBSS intake swap along with the LS6 valley cover swap. Ive read a bunch of info on other forums that mostly pertain to the LS1 swap. From what i have gathered I just need to cap off the fixed orifice pvc on the driver side valve cover, run a hose from the barb on the LS6 cover to the catch can then back to the intake manifold, but my question is what do I do with the port on the passenger side. Should it get capped too? I saw on the sticky for the TBSS intake swap that you have to put a hose barb in the intake tube for the clean side of the pcv system, do I need to go ahead and do that or just cap the thing off. I dont want to cause too much pressure in the crankcase to the point it blows out the rear main seal, should I add a breather on the oil cap as well? Truck is a 03 Silverado SS btw.