Jun 28, 2011
I finally figured out how to wire up my air ride to the crew cab window switches on my 2000 regular cab basically the black pigtail in my reg cab has four pin outs missing that crew cabs have and they are 2 green and 2 purple these are up down on the window switch so I got a crew cab black pigtail at the salvage yard and I pinned those four wires in my regular cabs black pigtail. Next I found the power off the pigtail that is in the same black pigtail that’s already there on mine it’s orange.Then I went to my solenoids I have old blitzluft valves and I am only doing front up/down rear up/down so 8 valves total with 2 wires per valve so I ran 8 wires down to one and tapped into the orange power wire. Then The other 8 wires I ran 2 wires for front up 2 for rear up 2 for rear down and 2 for front down to the 4 green and purple wires. So 2 to 1 purple 2 to other purple 2 to green and 2 to other green. Just make sure you check what’s up and what’s down and what side you want front or back to be on the switches. It sounds hard but once I figured it out it was a breeze. Here’s a diagram(I know it’s rough lol) I drew up to kind of help.

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