2500hd 7" FTS questions


Banned from GMFS
Mar 20, 2011
So I recently aquired a 2010 gmc 2500hd that I'm getting the itch to lift. I don't want to go as big as my blue truck was at this time, so I'm looking to do a nice daily setup. Truck has a 7" FTS on the way for it, and currently has keys in it with no blocks. Sits on 33s and 17x10s.

I'm buying 22x14s in the morning for it, so now I have to figure out tires. I want the truck to ride pretty good and not be harsh like it is now. Choices are either 355 or 375 nittos. I know the 355s clear without issue, but if I can fit the 375 I'd rather do that. Truck already has NorCal mod done.