14-17 k2xx dl8 to dl3 mirror door harnesses


Oct 31, 2013
So, since I don't physically have these harnesses in my hands I can't post this is the for sale section. This is for a fellow member from GM-trucks.com. This is a far cheaper alternative to buying the dl3 harnesses. Phil is great at the wiring schematics and has added these along with the auto dimming mirror with oem wiring. Here's the kicker, he found out he has cancer in late October and all the money from these will go towards his chemo treatments.

So to make a long story short, these will use your existing dl8 harness and add the wiring to make these plug and play. Trying to find the correct dl3 mirror harness if you don't have memory seats can be tricky.


Phil is an awesome guy and will share all his info and help out any members. I know guys on here have done it too, but he met up with members to help them do this on their trucks too.

This is also his gofundme page.