1. C

    13 18" z71 wheels and tiresgoodwincurtis

    2013 18" z71 6 bolt aluminum wheels and Goodyear wranglers with 5200 miles on them includes center caps and lug nuts no tpms mint no scratches. Will ship but buyer pays asking $700 in salem or 97302 Goodwincurtis@ymail.com Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. ckfarrell32

    My 6.2 launch

    Messing around after work last night.
  3. sandjunkie

    03 1500 diffs front and rear

    03 1500 gmc z71 diffs 3:73 gears comes with a-arms ,torsion bars,cv shafts,hub bearings and rear leafs $600
  4. chris.martin.3701

    Leveling kit or body lift

    99 silversdo 4x4 285/75/16s I want to run a zone off-road 1.5 body lift and rough country full leveling kit which should I do first ?? What's the cons ? And with the level kit I was gonna get the steering stabilizer and the hd tie rod sleeves to save the front end a little more & would I have to...
  5. Fiesty

    Fiesty's 2000 Silverado

    Been a while since I've been on here. Truck has had some changes recently, and I guess I'll post my future mods here as well. Background info: 2000 1500 z71, 5.3/60e, got it stock last year. Moto 962, Toyos, HD hood, leveled Did a cam swap to the 5.3l last July. Here's a vid...
  6. D1nman

    Daniel's Denali

    I swore i'd never sell my truck but it's getting old and having it's little problems here and there.. So i've been searching for some good NNBS Denalis. I had a friend of my dad's that was supposed to sell one to us but that didn't happen. This is most likely the truck i'll get, haven't gotten...
  7. C

    2000 Chevrolet Silverado LS RCSB

    This is my build thread for my 2000 Chevrolet Silverado LS RCSB. BfGoodrich 265/70/17 Mud Terrain KM2s on 17" chrome Moto Metal 951 Rough Country 2" leveling kit True Duals Kenwood Head Unit and JL audio speakers Browning seat covers and floor mats
  8. J

    Powder on my truck- help me choose a color

    Alright. I'm going to powder my leafs, hitch, control arms etc. but I'm having trouble picking a color for my truck, nothing seems to go with it good. I'm thinking candy/lollipop red but I think that'll be too much of that color combined with the truck color. I'm building an oven as we speak...
  9. D1nman

    FEELER: 2003 Silverado 1500 ECSB Z71 LT

    Never thought i would consider getting rid of the truck.... but may have an insane deal on a NNBS Denali available. Someone i know is getting the '14 Denali when released and will sell his NNBS one. Soo... Truck was bought new locally. Loaded, white with tan leather (now charcoal). Bose...
  10. R

    Leveling kit or lift

    Was wondering what should i do after this winter put a leveling kit or a lift?? In my province the lift law is 6inch max. And what tire and rims should i get for the truck? And what is the best brand to go with??
  11. WildChevys

    lifted or lowered your truck next to a stock height truck!

    I thought it would be cool to have thread of your truck whether it's lifted or lowered next to a stock height truck of the same model and generation. That way people can get a real world idea of how high or low your setup is. heres mine. zone 4.5 with added 1.5" spacer on 33s
  12. iTzTy

    Wheel spacers on stock truck/ wiper cowl?

    I was just looking around, and didn't notice anything on any of the sites I go to about this, so I thought I would ask. Is there anyone running wheel spacers on a stock height or leveled truck? Also, is there anyone out there with a wiper cowl on the NNBS. I know these aren't everyones cup of...
  13. C

    Help! Voltmeter Reading 19 Volts

    Perplexed by this one. Five days ago the voltmeter needle climbed to around 19V. It does fluctuate some, but never below 16V. Had things tested at Advance Auto. It showed everything within parameters, but still gave a result to replace the battery. It was an Optima Red Top I installed in...
  14. BigBoi


    Yes, I know, its not a GM. 2000 Tacoma 3.4L On the way to work this morning and my cab fills with steam. Figured I busted a hose. Nope. Top tank on radiator has a 6" long crack and is spewing steam everywhere. Fuck. Call my boss (who is an ex mechanic and a billionaire). He says limp it to our...
  15. cammed00

    2004 Z71 Tahoe Rims

    Need space in my garage so instead of having the tires dismounted to get them pc'd I just decided to use the ones I already have dismounted and were painted because they need to be redone anyways. 2 tires are pretty good the other 2 need to be replaced and they're 265/70/17 yokahama geolander...
  16. LSU627

    Lafayette, La.

    Whats up guys. Just wanted to introduce myself & my 2013 GMC Sierra SLE 5.3L 4x4 Z71. This was taken when I picked it up at the dealership. I had the rims, tires, ReadyLift Kit & LineX installed after I ordered the truck. When I installed the color matched door handles. Installing my...
  17. WildChevys

    before and after thread (hopefully not a repost)

    I love seeing guys trucks before and after. I did quick search and didn't see one so hopefully this is a first. here's what I have to offer '05 '08 '11 '13
  18. Huck

    Le Cobra and Le GT **pic heavy

    Was talking to Brandon earlier and realized I haven't done a thread for either one of my current Mustangs. Not a GM product, but it's nice to change it up from time to time, plus CGM is my home (forum speaking) so here ya go. Had a red '05 Z71, miss the hell outta this truck and wish I...
  19. ScottyBoy

    Anyone need NNBS ebony leather front seat covers??

    Saw that this guy on TahoeYukonForums is selling ebony 07 seat leather for $100 I figured someone might want these for a reg cab truck. Front Leather Seat Covers Ebony NNBS - Chevy Tahoe Forum | GMC Yukon Forum | Tahoe Z71 | Cadillac Escalade - Tahoe Yukon Forum
  20. 05nali

    05nali's build thread

    Well, better late than never I guess. Finally making a build thread. Here it goes: 2005 GMC YUKON DENALI 6.0L AWD About 113k on her as of today Current Mods (if i can remember them all): Exterior: 20" Chrome GM accessory wheels with new NITTO 420s tires (285/50/20) Yukon Chin Spoiler...