1. dszx13

    Starter kit.

    Looking for recommendations on what I should get to fix my horrible paint an to keep it nice. I do not have a machine but I would like to get one. Looking for the best bang for my buck. I basically have the basic cheap soap from the auto parts store and rags. Sent from my SM-G935V using Tapatalk
  2. Nick

    Nicks '97 Chevy RCSB

    Been out the truck scene for a while and wanted a project to work on to get back into it. My first truck was a 1997 Chevy RCSB that I regretfully sold 6 years ago so I was in the market for another one. Found this one in NOLA, was in good shape so I bought it and drove it back home 2 hours away...
  3. M

    2010 EC Z71 Slow Build Thread

    Since the system is down at work I figured I would go ahead a start a build thread for my 2010 Silverado Z71. I have been slowly adding updates to the truck and will add pics here this weekend once I get a chance to wash, wax and detail it. Bought the truck in August with about 22,600 miles...
  4. Connor

    Compound and Polish

    I have a DA that I use to wax fiberglass boat topsides in the summer. I use a wool pad for that, and I think it came with two foam pads, I have no idea what they are or do. For compounding and polishing my SUV, what pads do I need, and what compounds and polishes would be good for a beginner...
  5. B

    Lowering question help

    FIRST TIME DOING A LOWERING KIT. SORRY IF STUPID QUESTION lowered my 2012 GMC Sierra 1500 4x4. Right now I think I have a 2.5 lift install our a level kit. Not sure. But from middle off the wheel it measures 23.5". From the top off the tires it measures 8" all around. I'm doing a...
  6. D1nman

    D1nman's 2000 Chevy Impala mild race beater build

    Ok i drive a ton and have almost hit 200k on the denali. dont want to do that. bought a 2000 impala monday for $700. Guy said a/c didnt work at all, went and charged it up and its as cold as my denali if not colder. driver window is the only one that rolls down. cloth. base model. 167k miles...
  7. Smith

    +1 Adams

    Long story short, bought some Americana paste wax once upon a time and was never truly happy with it due to not being able to open the container and the actual wax breaking up and cracking constantly even though it was always stored in a temperature controlled environment (disclaimer, this is...
  8. THE Mook

    Polished Out the Hood, Front Fenders, and Front Bumper on the SS

    Morn, No full shot pics of the thing yet, as this detail is a work in progress. Yesterday I had time to Clay, Correct, Polish, and Glaze the front clip of my TBSS. While I am happy with most of it, I saw a spot last night I need to hit again on the hood. Hence why I only applied glaze vs...
  9. DemoN

    weekend detail

    i had Saturday mostly to myself...and even though it was hot, it was overcast. 2 bucket wash with Adam's shampoo. after the rinse, i misted the truck with detail stray and dry. when i was drying, i noticed i had some spots on the bed fender that look like splatter from wheel detailing. add...
  10. SamCarroll

    Another GMC Sierra Detail

    2006 Sierra. I did this customers Yukon last year as well. This time he wanted his Sierra buttered up. Its his daily driver so as you could imagine there was quite a bit of contaminants and some refinery fall out from around the area. This truck already came in great shape so there wasnt a huge...
  11. E

    Retrofitting NNBS fogs

    Had some old offroad led lights laying around so figured i wanted to try and put the leds in my stock fog light housing. Let me know wat y'all think. led lights I'm using fresh paint and led mounted lens sealed back on - - - - - - - - - -auto merged double post- - - - - - - - -...
  12. DemoN

    CGM official BEEEEEDZ thread

    Show off your polishin' skillz with those beaded up rides! - - - - - - - - - -auto merged double post- - - - - - - - - - how-to for awesome bead pics: 1. Don't bother checking weather forecast. 2. Spend a bunch of time and effort washin' and polishin' your ride to the perfect shine. 3...
  13. Oktain

    Question: BUG REMOVAL

    Bugs Need I say more? I hate bug & tar remover. I think I've used it twice. What's the best method for removing them, without harming the finish? Honestly if there's a way to do it without stripping the wax off of the hood that'd be awesome too. I have to be selective of weather/time of...
  14. Hunter.

    The Rag

    :wave: Been a while since I've posted Sold this Drove this for a while Bought this 2007.5+ NNBS ccsb lt z71 4x4 5.3/4l60e/4.10s/5" rcx/22x9 tbss replicas/285/55/22 trail grapplers first wax future plans: cleared headlights bigger block in black leather 4-8 cyl delete...
  15. THE Mook

    New ZL1 Dealer Save

    Morn, did a 2015 ZL-1 a couple weeks back. Spent 20 hours on the polish side. It looked about 85% better when it was finished. I have never seen a dealership essentially murder a factory paint job like that ever in my life. There are some deep scratches and other things (dealer installed)...
  16. SamCarroll

    Newer Camry strip/clay/seal

    Had someone who wanted to strip whatever they put on at the dealership and clay, seal and clean the interior as they have a baby and it was pretty dirty. I didn't have any before pics because he showed up a little late and its a year old so it wasn't in terrible shape to begin with. He washes...
  17. 2Wheelin'

    2Wheelin's '03 Silveraydo Build Thread

    Hai guise. This will be my build thread of my first truck. Picked up an 03 2500HD last week. LS, 6.bro, 80e, 4:10s, 4x4, 150k, etc. Pics of it when I got it Quickly took all the bs off and sold it. Colormatched some things, cleared the heads, esky handles, black valance, removed 4x4...
  18. Colyn.

    Hyundai YF F24 GDi (Slow Build)

    A few of you know but I bought a 2011 Hyundai Sonata SE last week.... we've been looking for a car for a while to replace the mustang my girl had before that I sold. Got a awesome deal and it only had 28,311 miles on it when I bought it and fully loaded with sunroof, navi, leather... Was a steal...
  19. slicksierra

    Detailing hacks!

    Not sure if we have a thread like this but I know there are more than enough pictures and videos to kick this thing off! HOW TO WAX A CAR - YouTube
  20. S

    3M Eraser Wheel: Great Product

    I have a 2003 Chevy Silverado in really good shape. When I bought the truck in 2011 it came with these door moldings, but they looked really discolored and I wasnt really a fan of them. Found some posts online about the 3M Eraser Wheel, and it made the process of removing the adhesive easy...