1. marc

    looking for budget seat covers options

    as some of you might have seen i bought a rcsb silverado. the seat has been torn pretty bad on the drivers side and it has a few stains on it. i was wondering if anyone has any good experience with cheaper seat covers. it is also preferred that they cover the center section between the...
  2. Oktain

    No F*CKS Given Tahoe

    So... my buddies and I were thinking it'd be fun to do a Haggard Garage style YouTube series with my friend's Tahoe that he bought for cheap and uses as a beater. It's beat to fuck, has a bunch of bumper stickers on the back glass, and dents from drunk people trying to Dukes of Hazzard slide...
  3. I Drive A Rape Van

    New guy from GMFS

    Sup guys. I joined up a little while back but never really was active here. Figured I'd come over and see what its all about. My name is Billy, I'm from FL. Here are a couple pics of my truck.
  4. DeanH1290

    NNBS Belltech adjustable 2/3 drop kit

    Like the title states, I have a 2/3 drop kit for sale. Consists of drop coils with adjustment spacers for the front with drop shackles, ubolt spacers, and shocks for the rear. All components are belltech. Located in Georgetown, KY. Asking $250. Willing to ship, can negotiate shipped price...
  5. GR$$N$

    iphone 6

    iphone 6 128gb. little over a year old. verizon. 500 obo. located in southern california. willing to ship Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. B

    Older I get

    The shittier the cars i buy lol This should be fun
  7. DeanH1290

    Important!: Two Blue Trucks and a Camera....

    Had the opportunity today to get together with Connor (@cvand789) this afternoon and do a photoshoot with the two trucks. We've been planning on doing this for a while now, but something always came up keeping it from happening. Regardless, I had a great time meeting another forum member and we...
  8. 2

    How to declad GMC 20s

    Most of you know I scored a set of NNBS GMC 20s...didnt see anything on here on how to declad, so here we go. I started off with these wheels, doesnt matter if you have the same ones I do or the other clad version, theyre the same wheel underneath. "Other" rimps...again, wont matter as long...
  9. 11 6.2

    To those who say LSX RT intakes suck..

    Heard a few ppl talk bad about LSX rt 102 intakes. Plain and simple, get a better tuner. LQ9 worked 243s, mid 620s lift cam, LSX rt 102 with a nick Williams 102 tb. Drives like its stock and idles like this. - - - - - - - - - -auto...
  10. 1brokekid

    Daily Driven Billets/Polished wheels

    So I'm fighting keeping these polished 2 piece eagles looking good, due to daily driving it. Anyone have any advice? As of now I'm washing with soap and water, and polishing with mothers and a powerball, then by hand. wheels alone are a 2 hour ordeal. Not too bad, but i want to find a...
  11. Gannon

    Lights quit working

    Anybody know why my interior lights would all quit working? And the cargo lamp light is staying on, not the light itself, just saying it on the dash. Just did it all of a sudden, any ideas? Switch won't turn them, opening doors, even pushing the buttons on the ohc won't turn those on.
  12. 11 6.2

    Cammed lq9 RCSB

    What's up guys?! Been gone a while since I built a trailblazer SS but got tired of not having a truck so I sold the tbss and bought an old man special LT 5.3 RCSB The cammed, stalled, nitrous tbss that I sold On to the truck. When I bought it, it was COVERED in plastidip and old man...
  13. DemoN

    a little bathroom remodeling this weekend.

    Ever since i bought this house, i hated the way the down stairs bathroom looked. wood panel floors, beige paint, terrible vanity...and a fucking kitchen sink faucet. i changed out the flooring a while back and painted the beige bullshit...but still hand that fucked vanity, mirror and faucet...
  14. Huck

    Huck's '70 C10

    Ok ok, I know I'm jumping the gun a little bit since I don't even have the truck yet :rofl: But I'm so freaking excited that I had to post. Little back story of how this came about. Lisa is my second cousin and her husband (Frank) got this truck from the original owner's widow when he passed...
  15. WildChevys

    another wheel dilemma

    I've run into another fucking wheel dilemma and I need some input. All of my Gear 737v's are peeling VERY badly including the one I just had replaced. I've finally accepted the fact you just cant run any type of mirrored finish wheel year around in the northeast. I'm going to warranty the Gears...
  16. N

    ABS CM replace or repair..

    Chevrolet Impala 2005 The ABS indicator lights on. During the scan, the code C0265 was displayed on the scanner. (EBCM Relay Circuit). I've read that this is a very common problem among the GMC and Chevy. Does it make sense to go to the dealer and replace item? The replacement costs a lot but...
  17. marc

    LED head light bulbs? any info/details on them ?

    so i am part of a diesel group in BC and they keep posting shit about LED headlights. these: PlasmaGlow Igniters LED Headlight Bulbs - Best Price on PlasmaGlow LED Headlight Conversion Kit are these comparable to HID's? any of you run these? any better kits out there? the...
  18. racer36

    bruce's 2007c ecsb pile "build"

    most of you guys know my truck by now, but wanted to start a build thread here since i don't like gmfs at all anymore. lol just a few details 2007 classic at 143k 5.3 auto 4x4 basic ecsb truck nothing fancy leveled with horrible angles, 3" block cai, cheap single chamber muffler...
  19. Oktain 2015 Calendars!

    Hey everyone! Some of you may have heard rumors of a staff project in the works and we're finally at a point where we're confident we can let you in on the secret . For about a month and a half we've been working on bringing you guys a 2015 Calendar, featuring the 12 ROTM winners...
  20. 2Wheelin'

    New from Kansas City, Missouri

    Sup guys, My name is Joel, I'm Fiesty's brother. I just got my first truck. It's a 03 Silverado 2500HD Extended Cab. I'll get a build thread going here soon. pretty gay. just got it a couple hours ago. light bar and grille guard already off.