1. B

    Big block newbie

    So I have a question for the more experienced. I am pretty new to this and need advice. I have a 91 Chevy stepside with a 350 in it and I want to upgrade to a 454. I'm not totally sure if this is possible but if it is I would like to know the best place to get a performance motor and the best...
  2. A

    AlwaysSomethin 2015 RAM R/T...DD not a build thread! (And not a DAMN DODGE)

    So as Im sure you all know by now, I sold the Graystone truck to Brian ( @DirtyBlackHoe ). I wanted to get into something new, with warranty, so I could actually work on the projects, and not constantly be modding and messing with the daily instead. Picked up the 2015 Granite Crystal Metallic...
  3. D

    2016 GM Models (Changes & Rumors)

    Should be interesting to see what GM has in store for 2016 as Ford is making waves. I know for sure the trucks will be getting LED's taillights as an option (3 years behind) My roommate works for an automation company that designs the assembly lines for GM and gives me the inside scoop all...
  4. Slow05CC

    Harsh lock up with Circle D stall

    I have noticed since my tune that the converter lock up is rather harsh compared to other gears. I was just wondering if this is normal for a high speed stall? Currently I have the stock 4l60e with a vette servo being the only mod. The rest of the transmission is being adjusted by the tune...

    Question about Escalade center console trim

    For the 03-06 Silverados with center consoles, the upper trim pocket/panel piece, will an Escalade piece go in and flow with the rest of the console? Link to said Escalade piece...
  6. Adjusted

    Passenger side header rubbing on frame rail

    It is going to be gorgeous outside the next few days and I have a free weekend so I'm going to get a few things done to the Sierra that have been building up. One of my issues is that, starting around the time I put on the 243 heads, the passenger side header rubs on the frame rail right as it...
  7. E

    From OBS RCSB to NBS Crew Cab

    So.... Many of you know my old truck. Cfloyd and I traded a while back. Anyway... I'll pic dump to get you up to speed. Here's how I got it Escalade handles Raised bumper, color matched emblem Denali lights Interior Escalade handles EDC, hydroboost Air gauge Front bagged...
  8. 9X37Crewcab

    Custom gauges

    Im wanting a gauge cluster with trans temp for my 2006 crew cab but i want it to have correct milage and preferably leds. Suggestions on where to look?
  9. ScottyBoy

    Cammed LQ9 budget?

    What kind of money would I realistically be looking at to put a mild cammed LQ9 or LQ4 in my truck? I will need to purchase a good running low mile engine and then the parts for the cam swap, some long tubes, and I'm sure a few other parts. Can I realistically do this for around $3500 or less...
  10. Colyn.

    Hyundai YF F24 GDi (Slow Build)

    A few of you know but I bought a 2011 Hyundai Sonata SE last week.... we've been looking for a car for a while to replace the mustang my girl had before that I sold. Got a awesome deal and it only had 28,311 miles on it when I bought it and fully loaded with sunroof, navi, leather... Was a steal...
  11. Huck

    Trans temp sensor

    So. Me and my buddy were talking tonight and he brought up a good point about Esky/Nali/etc gauge clusters. He's got an 03 Z71 that did not come with the towing package and doesn't have a trans cooler. If he puts in an Esky cluster, will the trans temp be able to be programmed? I know it's...
  12. ckfarrell32

    Not new, but it's been a while

    Well boys, I'm sure some of you remember me here. For those who don't or are new, I used to browse/troll these forums on the reg, but haven't posted in about a year. I drive a 2011 ECSB Silverado with a factory 6.2, cam/headers/bolt ons all that good stuff. After rebuilding the factory 6L80E...
  13. F

    wake up

    Lt headers, and a wide ban tune on my 4.8 do you guys think that will wake it up a little bit? Is there anything else I should do?
  14. Scooter26

    Need help with adding trans temp gauge!

    I soldered a stepper in my buddies 03 Silverado for his trans temp gauge. works flawless. Few weeks later I tried in my 05 and it didn't work, soldered 2 different motors in and still nothing. No pictures but the solder points look good. A couple months later another friend tried in his 06 vmax...
  15. R

    4l80e leaking from slip yoke question

    2003 2500hd 2wd with the 4l80e tranny in it and the past few days it has had some small drips from the slip yoke of trans fluid and this morning I went out and theres just a big puddle. its not the extension shaft seal because I have just replaced that when my tranny mount broke and it went...
  16. jonmx477

    Northwest 4x4 "Prerunner" Build

    Northwest 4x4 "Prerunner" Build ]Figured I might as well put up a build thread. First page will be a pic explosion of the last few years. Most of it will be copied from an old thread but hopefully there will be some info that people can take from it. Specs: Dixon Bros 4x4...
  17. M

    Start to Turbo 4.8 Sierra

    Well I decided I needed a little boost in my life, so I pulled the trigger on an on3performance 70mm kit for my Sierra. I did have an lq9 laying around for a while, but I decided that I wanted to do something different for me. Ive always done NA motors, but never had boosted v8. This on3 kit...
  18. Vince Emmons

    My 2008 Sierra

    4 door <<<< the billet wheels I bought from my buddy. Pick them up this Saturday
  19. Fiesty

    Fiesty's 2002 LB7

    Got this truck back in July. Gonna post progress pics in here. Here is how I got it. 02 LB7, ECSB, 4x4, LS, 138k, mostly stock, ugly af Dem rims tho De-molded, removed toolbox Cut off fgt tip, de-badged, esky tailgate which is now gone Swapped front end off my gasser Cleaned it up a...
  20. Wicked Mayhem

    The road to 4wd...

    I always told myself if I ever bought a 3/4 ton diesel it would need to be 4wd, just because lol. Well I found my truck(06 CCSB LBZ) that was 2wd, low miles and really clean and I couldnt pass up the deal. So I settled for 2wd. I recently found a guy selling a totalled LLY. He cut the frame off...